October 2019 - K Design Co.

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Did you know that 20 percent of new companies fail in their first year, and only 50 percent survive through their fifth year?* As the owner of K Design Co. 5 years running, I’m proud to say I have surpassed these odds, but that isn’t to say that my journey in entrepreneurship has always been […]

October 28, 2019

Lessons in Entrepreneurship & Plans for the Future

lessons in entrepreneurship


We talked about the power of a lead magnet and getting people subscribed to your list. But what happens once they are on your list? Your list is only going to be helpful if you put it to work and one of the easiest ways to do that is by creating an automated email nurture […]

October 21, 2019

WTH is an Email Nurture Sequence & Why You Need One

email nurture sequence


Does it feel like some days you live in your inbox and can’t ever seem to step away? When you’re a busy professional, email is just a fact of life but there are certain unwritten rules of etiquette that you should follow if you really want to make a good impression. Want to know more […]

October 15, 2019

Email Etiquette for Busy Professionals

email etiquette


You’ve likely heard it a million times before: In digital marketing, your email list is everything. But how do you grow a list full of engaged subscribers who actually want to read what you have to share. Let’s start from the beginning. What is a lead magnet? Let’s not make this too complicated. A lead […]

October 5, 2019

How to Grow Your Email List with a Lead Magnet

how to grow your list with a lead magnet


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