If you’re like most of K Design Co.’s clients, you're a #goalgetter who knows exactly where you want to go, but have no idea how to translate that into the messaging that will take you there and so you feel stuck. It’s time to get unstuck and in-sync with your brand so that you can project the image of the boss you know you already are!


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You’re making big waves in your business, but why can’t you ever seem to articulate what you do with clarity? Let's dig in deep on your brand and audience to create a dialogue centered around your special sauce so you can finally snag the attention of those soulmate clients.

The Brand Story package gives you the exact words you need to clearly and confidently talk about your business on your website, in your marketing materials and everywhere in between. Now you can show up like a boss with all the right words to say.


Nail your Messaging

brand story

Pay in full or 2 monthly payments of $625. You'll feel more confident in just 4 short weeks.

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Are you asking yourself, Is this worth it? Is this for me? Those are good questions! Are you feeling...

• Burnt-out from constantly changing the text on your website, never truly feeling like it's quite right?
• Frustrated you can't articulate what your business is all about so you miss out on dream clients?
• Tired of wasting time on sales calls because your brand is attracting the wrong people?

If so, I truly believe this is for you. A solid brand story is the foundation of every great business, including yours. If you are on a mission for more clarity, more confidence and more clients, book a free call to find out if we're a fit.

Ready for the next step?

Speak the language of your customers with a an easy-to-follow script of phrases and words you can use on your website and social media.

marketing messages guide

We'll identify 5-6 unique traits that set your brand and business apart that you can leverage to catch the attention of your dream clients.

brand personality pillars

These are the core building blocks of any successful brand that give you clarity, direction and focus as your business grows.

values, vision & mission

1-2 Custom-crafted audience profiles that help you visualize your ideal client's needs, wants, pain points, frustrations and desires.

ideal client avatar

We'll deploy a custom 15-20 question survey to gain deep insights about your audience and find out what makes them tick.

audience survey

We'll meet virtually or in-person to discuss your grand vision and talk specifics about your audience, messaging, goals and next steps.

discovery meeting


Once you’re totally smitten with the final product, you’ll get all the tools you need to share your new brand with the world and start attracting your soulmate clients.

step into BRAND confidence


The magic of your brand lives in you. We'll use our research-based process to dig deep into your audience and business so we can craft messaging tools for you that connect and convert.

mining for insights


Feeling stuck when it comes to talking about your brand? Schedule a quick chat to share your frustrations and get your questions answered about my pricing, process and more.



You're growing and scaling but with this new territory, comes a whole lot of uncertainty about how to talk about your offerings. Understanding your business and ideal client from the inside out is the key to clarity, but it's hard to discern when you are so close to your business day in and day out. 

That's where a strategic partner comes in handy. We'll come alongside you to fill in the blind spots and help you craft a message that not only speaks to the true value of what you offer, but says it with style and poise. Ready to know more?

Let's Work Together

Craving confidence & clarity?

Yes! I am happy to offer all clients who engage with me on custom projects a payment plan. Depending on the total scope and value of your project, it can be split into 2, 3, or 4 payment installments. If you need a special arrangement, just ask and I will do my best to accommodate you.

do you offer payment plans?


3-4 Weeks

Brand Story

The amount of time each project takes depends on the scope. Brand Story projects are typically broken into 4 phases: Discovery, Survey, Client Avatar, Messaging Guide. Each phase provides ample opportunity for your feedback and input. Here's a guideline of what you can expect.

how long does your process take?


Pulling from insights and information we discover in your audience survey, we will develop messaging that speaks directly to your audience's pain points and needs. Each aspect of your messaging is crafted to draw in your ideal client and address how you can uniquely serve them with a healthy dose of personality mixed in.

how do you develop messaging?


Your messaging guide will be an incredible resource that you can use again and again. Think of this like a cheat sheet to all your future marketing efforts. You can plug and play copy from it verbatim or adapt what we've created to whatever application you need it for such as your website, a brochure, social media ads, and more.

what can i do with my messaging guide?


Are you ready to start now? Let’s jump on a call and I can give you an estimated timeline for your project! Typically projects begin within a 1-2 weeks after our first engagement, however, timing depends upon my availability. I only serve a limited number of clients at one time to ensure my clients receive the best quality work, so reach out to me ASAP to reserve your spot!

how soon can we get started?


With each client we work to create outcomes for you that are both strategic and beautiful. That means, your brand and your website aren't just something pretty to look at it. They are founded on best practices for actually growing your business. I bring my agency experience and background in design (BFA) and business (MBA), along with a team of skilled partners to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind brand experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tired of being tongue-tied when it comes to your business? Constantly struggling to find the perfect words that do your biz justice? There's a better way and it starts with understanding your story. I've got the perfect story-building and messaging tools that will have you feeling crazy confident and ready to show up for your clients every day of the week.

Let's uncover your special sauce.