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You’re here because it looks like you might need a little help with your website copy (aka the words on your website.)

Good thing I can help 😉

After designing hundreds of websites over the past 10 years, we’ve got some tips that we know are going to make a difference…

Here are a few next steps that we put together for you:

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1. Create an ideal customer profile for your target dream client if you don’t already have one.

This will help you get inside the mind of your potential client and understand what’s really important to them so that you can be sure to write your copy in a way that addresses their underlying feelings and thoughts. Be sure to include:

  • Pain points – what feelings, obstacles or situations are they struggling with
  • Desires – ultimately what are they hoping to achieve
  • Motivations – what is driving them to feel this way or desire this
  • Objections – why haven’t they been able to achieve what they desire in the past

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2. Revisit your brand’s core messaging components.

Brand messaging is a critical foundation for every brand, no matter the size of your business. If you don’t already have a document that outlines your brand messaging, now is the time to make one:

At minimum, be sure yours includes:

  • Mission – why your business exists
  • Vision – what you want your business to ultimately do or provide
  • Positioning / value statement – what makes your business different

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3. Make sure your website includes these critical converting copy elements:

  • Calls to action – tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do next
  • Social proof – reviews, testimonials, DMs, videos or screenshots of feedback
  • FAQs – answer your client’s most common questions AND juicy objections

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4. Read through ALL of the copy on your website and use this checklist to rewrite any sections that don’t meet this criteria:

  • Is it focused on how you help your ideal client or is it focused on you? 
  • Does it align with your mission and brand values?
  • Is the information up to date / accurate?
  • Is it clear and sufficiently cover the topic?
  • Read it aloud, seriously. Does it sound like something you would actually say? Or is generic, fluff-filled nonsense?

One final tip: Even the prettiest of websites with tons of visitors isn’t going to do anything for your business, if it sounds like it was copy and pasted straight from ChatGPT and totally missing the X-factor of what makes you unique. (Yea, we’re looking at you!)

You can use ChatGPT as a starting point to brainstorm ideas for your copy, if you are suffering from “blank page” syndrome, but make sure you edit it to actually sound like you and add plenty of personality.

Are you ready for your website to actually work for you?

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So, keep your eyes on your inbox 👀 and make sure to add to your safe-senders to be sure it doesn’t go to your SPAM graveyard.

See you tomorrow, friend!

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