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Helping women grow their authority and gain confidence through beautiful branding and websites.

I design strategic brands that make women like you stand out online. In today’s crowded digital landscape, a distinct brand that creates real connection with its audience is EVERYTHING. (You can quote me on that, because you know it’s true.)

Let me be clear, the work I do isn’t a pushing-pixels-in-Canva-logo situation. Everything I design starts with intention first, and looks come second. That means your logo or website isn’t just pretty to look at, it puts your investment to work, turning your followers into customers. That’s the way I learned in design school back in 2008 and that’s how I continue to serve my clients in my business today.

But how did I get here? After graduating with my BFA in 2011, I landed my dream job working as a designer in a fast-growing agency. It was everything I hoped it would be, until it wasn’t. The inter-office politics and unending race to the top of my boss’s favorite’s list was deflating for an introverted idealist like myself. After 3 years of working towards someone else’s dream, I was let go. Owning and facing that rejection was hard for weeks and months after, but now it’s the very fuel I need to keep me going. It reminds me why I’m building this business, MY dream, and not someone else’s.

Hey there!

I'm kristin!

The Brains (and Beauty) behind K Design Co.

You've got BIG IDEAS for your bIz and you aren't afraid to show up for them.


You need a website that is STUNNING or a brand that gets you seriously noticed


You're ready to COLLABORATE and make your business the best it can be.


How to know if we're the right fit...

Who are my people?

Someone’s told you "No" before, that you weren’t good enough or smart enough or outgoing enough, or that owning your own business was straight-up ridiculous. But I’m here to tell you that you are more than enough. And I whole-heartedly believe those big dreams of yours are worth chasing. Using my gifts for good to lift up other aspiring women around me is why I’m here and continue to show up everyday. Are you ready to join forces build something great together?

I bet you’re no stranger to rejection either. 

Hustling every day, trying to do it all;  Years of bending over backwards to make clients happy; Caffeinated nights spent squeezing in deadlines you overcommitted to (let’s be honest);  Drowning in social media posts, templates and tutorials...

And through the seasons of feast and famine, you have weathered it all, gracefully. 

Despite that and all you have accomplished, you still aren’t where you want to be. You’ve given everything, but still fall short of that Insta-beautiful life. But you are still here, putting in the work and pushing past the hard things (even when your clients want to make you poke your eyeballs out) because you know what’s on the other side. 

When you are doing your *thing*, it lights you up and the world NEEDS that magic. That’s the whole reason you got into this business - to change lives, but why doesn’t all your effort add up to the level of success you know you deserve? 

How can you make this business scalable by attracting those higher-vibe clients that set your soul on fire and enable you to really live out your purpose?

You have poured so much of yourself into your business...

Let's hop on call to discuss my ideas.


But, I'm more of a DIY-kind-of girl


There’s a million other businesses and websites out there but standing out takes guts. You can’t apologize for who you are or play it safe hiding behind social media. You’ve got to step forward with vulnerability and boldness to make those real connections that are going to propel your business forward.

This is where I step in to help you tell that story with gorgeous visuals and branding so you can start showing up to woo those soulmate clients with total confidence and conviction, looking like a pro too.

How would it feel to become the next level of you?

• Messages in your inbox that make you geek out with excitement from dreamy clients 
• Signing clients who respect your time and that pay you what you’re worth 
• Doing work that reminds you why you started this whole gig in the first place

Pretty amazing, right? Taking that leap though, starts with you. Are you ready to step into confidence and start showing up? We’ve got work to do.

It's time to stop living in the shadows...

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