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Welcome to the dream team.


Need a design partner to help you scale your...

Reach & Revenue?

Hear that?    Your legacy is calling...

You are a visionary. An “ideas” woman. A big-picture thinker.

You didn’t build this business for the paycheck alone, though you cherish the financial freedom it brings. You built it to serve others with your God-given talents so you can leave your mark on the world.

But you know there's more work to do to get you there.

You see a future where you stand among giants—leading and serving in a big way. That's where an intentional, purpose-aligned brand opens doors you never thought possible, like earning more in a month than you used to in a year, enjoying months of travel while your business thrives, or having the flexibility for school pick-up at 2 pm.

This isn't just a side-hustle anymore; it’s your life’s calling and lasting legacy. 

Whatever your version of success...

Together, let’s create an impact that inspires and redefines generations to come.

Today at 2:23 pm

TFW your #bestlife goals actually start becoming reality 🙌 

Your potential is undeniable. 
(Together, we’ll be unstoppable.)

It’s time to choose the life as a business owner you have always dreamed of, supported by a creative partner that understands what’s at stake...

...that's me!

AKA your creative wing woman — ready to help you scale your business through strategic, flawless design

I believe you and me — we deserve to have it all… 

…A business that fills your cup *and* gives you the freedom to take up a new hobby or spontaneous getaway.

…Record-breaking months without burnout and sacrificing your nights + weekends with the people you love.

…A brand that captivates your audience without compromising your authenticity or principles.

…A website that generates leads and sales effortlessly, without draining your time and energy.

Hey there, I'm Kristin!


Prepare to take center stage while I handle every detail and design for you behind the scenes.

I've been called the "quiet girl" with the loud ideas. 

You don’t have to worry about babysitting yet another contractor or knowing if I’ll “get” you and your vision. 

I'm your creative ally, secret weapon, and strategic partner—all rolled into one.

From introspective and intentional, to bold and bright, I’ve got over a decade of experience designing for brands from almost every major industry out there. 

By combining our creative forces, the result is a brand that infuses both strategy and heart so you can boldly leave a trail of impact wherever you go. 

time to shine

Today at 2:23 pm

POV: Feeling boss. Getting ready to debut my NEW brand 🙌 

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What I bring to every project

Brace yourself for impact.

Strut into a new season of business, looking flawless and feeling empowered to do the work that sets your soul on fire.


Strategy for Your Brand From Every Angle 

We've refined our process to be strategic and intentional every step of the way to get you closer to your business goals, and with an epic dose of style.


 11+ Years of Marketing & Design Experience

Before “content was king”, I was honing my creative skills on everything from websites for world-class brands to print design for one-woman businesses.


AKA - Immediate ROI and Brand Recognition

Our clients often recoup their investment in their brand or website within just a few weeks of launching, and multiply it thereafter.



From blogging to social media, Rachael brings her creative perspective and fresh ideas to every project. She is an avid "Bujo" lover, world traveler and budding brand ambassador on Instagram

Kathy breathes life into your message, one word at a time. She brings her 3+ years of marketing agency experience to thoughtful founders who value growth in their business through connection.

Brand Strategist / Copywriter
Rekindle Communications

my on-call words wizard

marketing / content ASSISTANT
planned in pink

my go-to for insta tips

Meet the A-Squad

No B-team players here. I couldn’t do it all without the help of my amazing partners.

Get to Know me:



other hats i wear...

MAMA OF 4          ENNEAGRAM 4W5        WORDSMITH    

super powers



Avoider of radio, karaoke dynamo
Bookworm and watercolors lover

For women on the brink of something BIG, lets…

Take the leap

You've already built the brand that your clients know, like, and trust. Now it's time to build your legacy.