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You want a website that’s worthy of raising your rates, but don't want to empty out your bank account to get it?  
Ready to pass off the tech and design to a pro who knows how to make you look just as good as the work you do?

Busy doing *ALL* the things and don’t have time (or the energy) to DIY your site? 

Spent approximately 27 hours thinking "I'll launch it later" knowing full well you'd rather do *ANYTHING* else?

You dream of a website that's beautiful and stands out from the competition, but you're no designer and creating your own website feels like a total headache. did you know!?

Today at 2:23 pm

Help, please! 🏳️ I'm riding the struggle bus over here. Can you get this launched? #readytohandoverthereigns

Read at 2:23 pm

Help, please! 🏳️ I'm riding the struggle bus over here. Can you get this launched? #readytohandoverthereigns

Are you kidding? This is literally what I live for! Let's go... #Websites #AllDayEveryday

Today at 2:23 pm

Read at 2:23 pm

Help, please! 🏳️ I'm riding the struggle bus over here. Can you get this launched? #readytohandoverthereigns, yesterday!

6-Month  /  3-Month  / One-Time Payment Options Available


Best for businesses who don’t have a brand or need a simple brand refresh.

Get your website designed and launched with help from a professional designer in just 7 business days.

The One Week Website

website + mini brand

We’ll start from a template, and then personalize it with your brand and special details, so by the time we’re done it looks like it was 100% made just for you.


Best for businesses with brand assets (logo, colors, fonts) all ready to go.

website design only

yes! pencil me in!


...either from our shop or BYOT (bring your own template). 

Choose your favorite Showit template 

Every project starts from a Showit template, but we'll use your brand assets, images and content to customize the design for you and create something totally unique.

Stylish. Modern. Robust.

Timeless. Elegant. Clean.

Bold. Editorial. Colorful.

Thoughtful. Feminine. Fun. 

Is a One-Week Website right for you?

Let's take a quick look to see!

This is perfect for you if…

You probably want to pass if…

You aren’t sure of your services, (or are still working on the details), you are unclear about your ideal client or what makes your brand unique.

You feel confident and clear on your services, who you serve, what makes them tick and your brand’s special sauce. 

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You feel like you won't have the time to complete the pre-website homework needed to set your site up for success.

You can quickly pull together your brand assets and content for hand-off. Think headshots, brand photos, testimonials + website content.

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You're a service-provider with 1-3 main offerings that you sell and don’t need e-commerce, events or other complex functionality.

Your offerings are complex. You have multiple services, products, courses, events or other types of content that you want to feature. 

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You like to be in total control of every design detail or can’t seem to find a template that is a good starting point for your site.

You trust our design expertise and have a Showit template in mind that is a good foundation and aligns with your vision.

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Premiere Home Staging

Based on the JAMIE

Merissa Hill Home

Based on the KIMBERLY

Emily Brianne Photography

Based on the JAMIE

kelsey Call Photography

Based on the JAMIE


If your site needs custom fonts, graphics or stock photos, I'll license them on your behalf up to a $100.

Brand Graphics + Icons

Connect your forms, and calendar scheduler to make capturing leads and growing your email list a breeze. 

Tech-Stack Integrations

You get search engine-optimized website page titles, meta descriptions, and image ALT text.

SEO / Search - Friendly

We’ll create a personalized game plan that focuses on your priorities, wants and wishes for your website.

30-minute kick-off call

We'll transform one of our Showit website templates to fit your brand, including adding your colors, fonts, images, and content. Plus…

What's Included in Your One-Week Website?

Free copywriting course from resident copywriter Rekindle Communications to help write your content.

diy Copy Course & Feedback

You’ll get design customization for any 5 website pages, based on your chosen template design.

5 Website Pages + Blog 

I won't leave you in a cold tech sweat. I’ll help you launch your site and answer any questions you have for 7 days after our project.

1-week website support

Feel confident to maintain your new site through personalized videos that walk you step-by-step through making changes. 

Website Training Videos

i'm in. let's book it!

here's the game plan

how does it work?

Get ready for a value-packed week - I'm clearing out my schedule and we're knocking out your website in 7 business days. 



Complete your pre-website homework.

This includes writing your website copy, organizing your images, creating a Pinterest board of inspiration, account logins, and putting together a wishlist of everything you want to make sure we include on your website.

(Plan for up to 1-3 weeks of prep depending on your capacity.)

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site prep


work begins


feedback + launch



site prep


Meet to prep for your scheduled work week.

The week before I get started on your site, we will meet to go over the content and assets you have shared, plus any website inspiration or wish list items you have.

This ensures we are both on the same page and nothing is overlooked. 

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work begins


feedback + launch





work begins


Your website work week begins on Monday.

Each day, Monday-Friday, I’ll focus on customizing 1-2 pages of your site, starting with the homepage.

At the end of each day you’ll receive a preview link to review our work and an opportunity to provide feedback.

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feedback + launch





feedback + launch


Provide your final feedback and approve your site!

We’ll hand off the site at the end of the week for a final review to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your new look.

From there, it's time to celebrate! Your site is ready to be shown off to the rest of the world.

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work begins

Got burning questions? Let’s cover a few right here…


For your pre-website homework, you will need to plan for enough time to write your website content, organize your images, and set up any accounts that will be needed for your site.

We typically recommend planning 2-3 weeks for this process before your scheduled work week. The time your website homework will take varies depending on the nature of your business and whether you already have any content or assets prepared. 

During our work week you can plan to be available about 30 minutes each day, Monday-Friday to answer any questions we may have and review our work and provide feedback. You can provide feedback in the evening or in the morning, whichever fits your schedule best.

In order to start your website work week, I’ll need few things to get started and complete your website without any delays: 

  • The name of the template you want to use from my shop or a Showit Share Key if you've already purchased a template somewhere else
  • Your existing brand assets (colors, images, logos)
  • Your website copy (content) based on a provided outline
  • Any logins to apps that need to be integrated into your site 
  • A wishlist of any special features you want included on your site

You'll also be asked to share a Pinterest board with at least 20 inspiration images to inspire the look and feel of your site so I can be sure to nail your style.

If you don’t have an existing logo, fonts or color palette, don’t worry, you have a few options:

  1. We can use the built-in colors, fonts and wordmark already designed into the template we are starting with. (No additional charge.)

  2. You can add a Mini-Brand to your website and choose from a range of pre-made color palettes and logo templates. I will personalize your brand for you, prior to our website work week. (+ $1250)

  3. You can also hire me for a custom brand design, before our website work week gets started. While you do your website homework, I’ll be crafting a one-of-kind custom logo and brand assets so they’re ready to go for your website. (+4,500)

If you don’t feel confident writing your own website content, I have some copywriting partners I’d be happy to recommend.

However, copywriting is not included in your overall investment or timeline of your 1-week website, but you will have access to a copywriting course for added writing support at no additional cost.

Additionally, we will provide up to an hour of minimal copyediting and feedback on the content that you write before your scheduled workweek.

Depending on the length of content and nature of your site pages, we can discuss whether additional pages are doable within your work week time-frame. Set up a free call so we can chat more about your ideas.

Some sites that require more than 7-10 pages, are likely a better fit for a custom website design.

You can also hire me for additional day-rate support for added design needs or template customization that isn’t covered by the 7 day agreement.

  • For a half-day - $875 - perfect for a single additional website page or custom design layouts on an existing page

  • For a full-day - $1575 - perfect for an additional long-form sales page design or 2-3 additional shorter (less than 800 words) website pages

Showit is the website builder we will use to create your website. Believe us - it's the best of the best - which is why we don’t offer 1-week websites for Squarespace, Wix or any other platform.

Since Showit is subscription-based, you will need to sign up for a paid Showit hosting account ($19-39/mo.) in order to use a Showit template. 

Your Showit subscription will cover your hosting cost + access to the Showit builder so you don't have to pay a second hosting cost to another provider. Everything is all-in-one!

My experience was excellent.

Shannon Brito

Owner, Premiere Home Staging

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The website looks great-fresh and new and most importantly sophisticated! 


Im no longer embarrassed to send someone to my site! 

Kelsey Call

Houston Photographer and Designer

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My site elevates my business to the new level I have been striving for.

Jenna Duncan


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Nzinga Moore


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absolutely beautiful...

Lauren Parker

Brand Ambassador and Storyteller

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I would absolutely recommend working with Kristin to other clients.

I'll take care of all the details and make your new site look like bank so you can get it launched and start celebrating more clients in your inbox ASAP.

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