One-Day Website

Create and Launch A Beautiful Website Fast

You'll get a full-day of personalized attention to transform the template for your brand including fonts, colors, images and more.

get vIP treatment


I'll give you a copy outline to help you write your content. Then just pass off your content and brand assets to me and I'll get to work!

Write Your Content


Pick your favorite website template from my shop that we'll transform for your business. Then, apply for a spot on my calendar.

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how it works

 We both know that's not a cute look on you. Wish there was someone who could just take your site off your hands so you can focus on doing what you love and actually getting things done? Need a website that looks professional, beautiful, and matches your brand? Want to get it launched like yesterday? If you said, Yes, YES and YASSS then follow me right this way!

Skip the tech stress with a one-day website.

Does thinking about your website make you break out in serious stress sweat?

7 days of email support after your scheduled booking day to help you shore up any final details before you launch.

1-week website support

Get personalized instruction on how to maintain your website, plus complete user documentation for your template.


If your site need custom fonts, graphics or stock photos, I'll license them on your behalf and cover the cost up to $50.

custom fonts + graphics

A beautiful Showit website (up to 5 pages) that is user-friendly, easy-to maintain and comes with a professional designer's touch.


Search engine-optimized website page titles, meta descriptions, and image ALT text based on your industry

get seen by google

30-minute video meeting to create a game plan for your website and ensure we are aligned on your priorities and needs for your site.

kick-off strategy call

I'm clearing out my schedule and we're knocking out your website in ONE value-packed day. Here's what you get when we work together

What's Included

50% Deposit due at booking. Remaining balance due upon completion.

easy-peasy payment


Your Investment


You need a gorgeous site that oozes you brand's personality but you don't want to deal with all that tech to make it happen...

Here are some other signs this might be for you:

• You can't afford a fully custom website but still want a professional-looking design to match your brand with a designer's touch

• You have a service-based business

• You have an existing DIY website, but it doesn't represent your business or services well and you're ready to change that

• The thought of making your own website by yourself makes you feel totally stressed and overwhelmed

• You are motivated to get your site launched and want a partner to help take care of all the details

At your service, babe...

Houston Photographer and Designer

Im no longer embarrassed to send someone to my site! You were so patient to make the little changes (or big) and to add things when my brain couldn't wrap around the full scope of everything I needed. I'd recommend you (and I will) to everyone I know! HUGS!


kelsey Call

for coaches + consultants

for content creators

for virtual assistants + obm'S

Pick your favorite template from my shop and I'll personalize it to match your brand for you!

Choose Your Favorite Design


Link to your course or shop platform

Add your Instagram feed

Rearrange page elements

Change the menu layout

Embed a form from your CRM

Create a pop-up or cookie banner

Add an email sign-up form

Add or remove sections & pages

Add your logo, fonts and colors

Besides adding your content, here are just a few ways we can bibbity-bobbity-boo one of my templates to make it 100% yours.

You've just met your website fairy godmother...

Wondering what's actually possible for your website in a single day? 

We'll transform one of my Showit templates to fit your personal brand, including adding your colors, fonts, images, and content. Now you can finally cross your website off your to-do list!

what is showit?

Showit is a super-easy subscription-based website builder that gives you ultimate creative freedom. Unlike other websites themes and templates that lock you into designing in columns and rows, with Showit, you can literally drag and drop any element, anywhere on the page! Think of the Showit builder like a cross between Canva and Photoshop for websites that will allow you to get a beautiful and creative design launched in just a few hours. Even if you aren't familiar with these programs, we're confident you'll catch on quickly.

Since Showit is subscription-based, in order to use this template, you need to sign up for a paid Showit hosting account. Your subscription will cover your hosting cost + access to the Showit builder so you don't have to pay a second hosting cost to another provider. Everything is all-in-one!

Does this work with wordpress?

Showit integrates with Wordpress to support blogging and plugin integration, but your site needs to be hosted on Showit (through WP Engine) in order to use this template. You’ll have the creative freedom of Showit driving the design of your site and the publishing power of Wordpress for your blog - both working together. If you already have a website host, your Showit hosting cost will replace this expense. If you already have a blog on Wordpress, Showit will help you import all your existing post content into your new Showit site seamlessly and you can continue to use Wordpress to publish your blog posts as you normally do. If you don't need a blog, then you can choose the lowest tier Showit hosting plan that doesn't include Wordpress.

DO I need to pay for showit?

In order to use one of my templates as a starting point for your site, you will need to create a Showit account and purchase a hosting subscription through Showit. This includes your hosting cost + access to the Showit builder. Showit hosting packages starts at $19-$34/mo. (depending on if you want to have a blog and access to Wordpress plugins.) If you have a current website host like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Siteground etc., Showit's hosting subscription will replace that expense - you don't need both! My templates can not be used on Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or other platforms.

WHAT can be personalized in the template?

Logo, colors, fonts, images, content, alignment, formatting, placement...You name it! If you can dream it, it can be done in Showit (or there is a workaround for it 99% of the time). We'll discuss all your priorities and wish list items for your site before we get started. If there's anything I don't think we'll be able to accomplish from your list, I will let you know before we start so that we can prioritize what's most important to you. Within reason, most personalizations and adjustments to the template should be workable within your scheduled booking day.

If there are extenuating circumstances that make it difficult to complete something I've committed to completing for you on our scheduled day, I will complete it for you within our 7-day support period.

What do you need from me?

Before we can get started with your website, I'll need some inputs from you to be sure you get the most from your experience:

1) the name of the template you want to use from my shop, 2) your existing brand assets (colors, images, logo and design preferences), 3) your website content based on the template design 4) any logins or access to apps that need integrated into your site and lastly, 5) a wishlist of any special features you want incorporated on your site or changes you want to make to the template's original design. After you book your spot, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and provided a google drive folder to share all your assets before your day of service.

If you don't have existing brand assets, you can pick from my curated library of type palettes and colors and we can use the built-in logo from the template. You'll also be required to submit a Pinterest board with at least 20 inspiration images to inspire the look and feel of your site so I can be sure to nail your style.

do i need to know how to code to make changes?

Absolutely not! You don’t need to know an ounce of code to be able to maintain your site on Showit. Their drag-and-drop builder lets you make changes easily. If you are familiar working in Canva or Photoshop, using Showit's page builder should feel like second nature to you. Even if you don't have experience with design programs, you will be provided with personalized video instruction for maintaining or tweaking your website after our work together on your own. No coding is required!

who is this for?

A personalized, template-based website is a great fit for many newer small business owners like consultants, coaches, content creators, virtual assistants and more. If you have a service-based business, with a clear understanding of your offerings, the One Day website is a great option for you. Here are some signs the One Day website isn't a fit for you:

• You are a products-based business or need custom functionality or integrations on your website.
• You want a 100% custom, one-of-a-kind design that no one else has.
• You need someone to help write your website copy or polish your service offerings

what if i need more than 5 pages?

Have a big vision for your site that requires more than 5 website pages? You can book additional time on my calendar in full or half-day increments.

• For a half-day, you can add an additional 1-2 pages to your site. This is a perfect option if you want to build out a sales page, landing page or need additional services pages. (+$850)

• For a full-day, you can add up to 3-5 additional pages. This is perfect if you want to create a robust website that has a full sales-experience or includes other speciality pages.  (+$1575)

I got you, sis. Free yourself from the weight and the worry of creating your website all by yourself. I'll take care of all the yucky tech details you hate so you can get your site launched faster and start celebrating more clients in your inbox ASAP.

Let me take care of the rest.