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Canva Social Media Templates

Canva Social Media Graphic Templates

  • 30+ Instagram Templates (Portrait)
  • 30+ Linkedin / facebook Templates (Square)
  • 30+ Pinterest Templates (2:3 Portrait)
  • 5 Youtube Video Thumbnail Templates (Landscape)
  • BONUS: 30 Post Caption Hooks + Prompts
  • BONUS: 30 Reel Starter Hooks + Prompts

WHAT'S included

Our Becca Canva templates are designed to help you create your own beautifully-branded social media graphics faster. 

This jam-packed Canva template pack includes:

THE DESIGN YOU WANT. the features you need. 


No need to resize! Our templates are pre-fitted for popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making sharing hassle-free.

ready to share

Stuck on what to write? Our templates come with prompts to inspire your creativity and save you time when brainstorming ideas.

caption prompts

Choose from a wide variety of templates, each meticulously designed for service providers, coaches, and course creators.


No need to be a design expert! Our comprehensive video tutorial and setup guide make it a breeze to personalize your templates.


Customize like a pro! Adjust colors, fonts, photos and any of the element to ensure your brand shines through in every post.



Design with ease! Our templates are fully compatible with Canva, even the free version, so you can effortlessly personalize them.

how it works


Get the polish of professional social media content without the premium price and headache. With our social media templates and how-to guide, you can effortlessly boost your online presence. Add your own branded design touches and content to draw in your ideal audience, in no time flat.


step 01

Add to Canva

Get immediate access to your templates upon purchase and add them to your own Canva library to start editing.

step 02

Add Your Content 

Mix and match your templates, add your content and tweak the design with your own colors, fonts and brand.

step 03

Share on Social Media

Once you've added the finishing touches, share your graphics to the social media platform of choice.

Pre-sized Designs for Every Platform

instagram 1080 x 1350

pinterest 1000 x 1500

linkedin 1200 x 1200

Resizing graphics for different platforms can be about as fun as trying to fold a fitted sheet. But guess what? Our designs come pre-sized for each platform because we've got your back (and your sanity.)

instagram 1080 x 1350

linkedin 1200 x 1200

pinterest 1000 x 1500

youtube 1280 × 720

Curious about our templates? We thought so. Our FAQs are here to spill the tea on all the juicy deets about our templates. No surprises, just straightforward answers to all the questions you might have. 

How do I access and edit the social media templates?

You can access and edit our templates using Canva, and the best part is that they work perfectly with the free Canva account. Simply open the template, and you’ll be able to customize it to match your brand.

Are the fonts and photos included?

Yes! No need to purchase anything additional to use this ready-to-go templates. All of the assets, images and fonts used in the design, are free from Canva or and do NOT require a paid account or additional licensing to use with the templates. (Font files and image files are not shared, however, they are embedded into the designs through the Canva library.)

Can I change the colors and fonts to match my own brand?

Absolutely! We’ve made it easy for you to adapt these templates to your unique brand. You can easily change colors, fonts, and other elements to ensure a consistent and personalized look.

Do you provide any support on how to get started with these templates?

Yes, we do! We offer a video tutorial and a setup guide to walk you through the process of customizing your templates. It’s quick and easy, even if you’re new to design.

Can I use these templates if I’m stuck for post ideas?

Absolutely! To help you overcome creative blocks, we include starter post content directly inside the design with these templates. They can inspire your posts and save you time when you’re looking for ideas.

Plus, we’ve also include 30+ additional post text prompts and reel starter ideas with your purchase.

Do I need to resize the templates for different social media platforms?

No need to worry about resizing! Our templates are already sized for popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so you can use them directly without the hassle of adjusting dimensions.

Can I use these templates for a client?

Yes. Our standard commercial license covers unlimited template use for one brand / business entity. If you want to use these templates for your client or multiple clients, purchase a separate license for each brand / business that you will be using the templates for.

Double down on impact with the matching Becca Showit Website Template.

We thought you might.

Feeling the vibes of our social media templates? Well, hold onto your coffee because we've got a match made in design heaven for you.

Our Becca Showit website template is the sidekick your online presence deserves. It's like the Ken to your Barbie, but for your brand. Bundle these baddies together, and watch your online presence become the unstoppable force it was always meant to be. 

Want the Becca Website to Match?



Single Payment



your choice






Single Payment





get the templates

Add these babies to your cart and start customizing them in seconds. Have questions? Check the FAQ!

commercial license

For a Single Business's Use Includes 1 license / seat


*Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are non-refundable.

  • 30+ Instagram / Facebook Templates
  • 30+ Linkedin Templates
  • 30+ Pinterest Templates
  • 5 Youtube Video Thumbnail Templates 
  • 30 Post Caption Hooks + Prompts
  • 30 Reel Starter Hooks + Prompts

Becca Social Media Templates

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