The Kimberly Showit template is beauty + brains, packed with tons of site converting goodies. If you are a coach or consultant that needs a robust sales page, this template was created just for you. 

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Please Note: The Kimberly template is based on Showit and requires a Showit hosting subscription to access all the goodness inside! 


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Are you a coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur who wants a website that features all the things at the right price? Meet Kimberly, a high-end website template with the best of both worlds: a Showit website to feature your services, plus a Wordpress-hosted blog to demonstrate your know-how. You can also showcase your courses or digital offerings using the sales page template. Customize the Kimberly template to make it your own!

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30-day support

Search engine visibility starts with good on-page SEO and Showit has built-in SEO settings you can adjust for every page on your site.


Easily update the template to make it your own using the Showit platform’s drag-and-drop builder. No coding required.


A complete PDF user guide + quick video tutorials will help make sure that customizing your template in Showit is a breeze.

user guide + video tutorials

This template looks pixel-perfect on any device whether your visitors are browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Showit integrates with Wordpress so you can have a beautiful Showit site that seamlessly integrates with your Wordpress blog.

Post-purchase ticket support to ensure you don’t run into any snags while you bring your new website or blog to life. 

Transform the Kimberly Showit template to fit your personal brand, including adding your own colors, fonts, images, and content. You can move or remove elements and sections with just a click. No knowledge of code necessary. 

what is showit?

Showit is a super-easy subscription-based website builder that gives you ultimate creative freedom. Unlike other websites themes and templates that lock you into designing in columns and rows, with Showit, you can literally drag and drop any element, anywhere on the page! Think of the Showit builder like a cross between Canva and Photoshop for websites that will allow you to get a beautiful and creative design launched in just a few hours. Even if you aren't familiar with these programs, we're confident you'll catch on quickly.

Since Showit is subscription-based, in order to use this template, you will need to also sign up for a paid Showit account. Your subscription will cover your website hosting cost + access to the Showit builder so you don't have to pay a second hosting cost to another provider. Everything is all-in-one!

Showit templates are perfect for you if you don't like or know how to code. You can even try out the Showit builder before you buy it! And don’t worry, if you run into any bumps we’ll be there for you to help you work through anything that comes up. Every template comes with 30 days of technical support to make sure you are able to successfully get your site up and running smoothly.

Does this work with wordpress?

Showit does integrate with Wordpress to support blogging, but this is a Showit-specific template, meaning you can't use the template with Wordpress alone. You’ll have the creative freedom of Showit driving the design of your site and the publishing power of Wordpress for your blog - both working together. In order to use this template, you must have a paid Showit account which will cover your website hosting cost. If you already have a website host, your Showit hosting cost will replace this expense. If you already have a blog on Wordpress, you can also import all your existing post content into your new Showit site seamlessly and continue to use Wordpress to publish your blog posts.

WHAT'S INCLUDED in my purchase?

The Kimberly template is a 8-page website template including: Home, About, Work With Me, Sales Page, Blog (+ Single Post),  Contact & General pages. Although the blog is included with your purchase, it is optional and can be removed if you so choose. The names of the pages, how many pages there are, as well as the content on each page, is fully customizable. Upon purchase, you will receive an access code to load into your paid Showit account and a detailed user-guide for updating your template.

The cost of your Showit hosting or a custom domain is not included in your purchase. You will need to sign up for a Showit subscription to use this template. If you have an existing website host, your Showit subscription will replace your current hosting expense - you don't need both! If you would like a custom domain, you can purchase one through any provider you choose, usually for a small cost between $8-15/yr.

Note: Some templates include premium assets that are used in the design, such as custom fonts or stock photos. You will receive the link to purchase them and can obtain your own license for those assets. Or you can use free alternatives for fonts and images that are pre-loaded into Showit or sourced from a website like Unsplash. Usually, these premium assets cost no more than $10-20.

do i need to know how to code?

Absolutely not! You don’t need to know an ounce of code to be able to use this template. Using Showit’s drag-and-drop builder, you can easily customize your content, colors and fonts to fit your brand. If you are familiar working in Canva or Photoshop, using Showit's page builder should come very easily to you. Even if you don't have experience with design programs, you will be provided with a step-by-step tutorial for customizing your site and should be able to make it look like your own within a few hours. No coding is required!

DO I need to pay for showit?

In order to use the Kimberly template you will need to create a Showit account and purchase a hosting subscription through Showit. This includes your hosting cost + access to the Showit builder. Showit hosting packages starts at $19-$34/mo. (depending on if you need the blog design included in the template.) If you have a current website host like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Siteground etc., Showit's hosting subscription will replace that expense - you don't need both!

can i use my own logo & colors?

Absolutely! All templates are built so that you can swap in your existing logo or use the template's logo as a base design and edit it directly in ShowIt.

Your template can be customized with your favorite colors or brand palette to make it all your own. The user guide and video tutorials will walk you through step-by-step on how to change and customize all the parts of your site.

WHAT IF I GET STUCK? can you help?

We want your website creation experience to go as smoothly as possible which is why all K Design Co. templates come with 30-day post-purchase support. That means if you get really stuck, you can submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions within 24-48 hours. Plus, you'll have access to Showit's amazing customer chat support, an extensive FAQ & resource library, and K Design Co.'s Youtube channel with Showit tutorials, tips and tricks.

If you'd like an extra set of professional design eyes on your site before you launch, we also offer a Pixel-Perfect Design Review for $129 after you've completed your customizations and added your content. This includes a complete website audit, 30-min video call to walk-through your site together, answer any questions you have, plus 30 minutes of dedicated support to help you shore up any last minute details before you launch your site to give you extra assurance that your site is pixel-perfect.

what about seo?

If you are interested in maximizing your search visibility, that’s great! ShowIt has built-in on-page SEO settings you can adjust for every page on your site including: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keywords, ALT text for images, and Heading tags (H1-H3). If you'd like some extra help with finding the right keywords to optimize your site, there's an SEO Support add-on just for you!

Using any website platform on its own won’t guarantee you a better ranking in search, but if you take the time to understand how SEO works, put it into practice and leverage the tools built into ShowIt and WordPress, we're confident you can create a site that creates more organic visibility.

do you offer a warranty or refund period?

Due to the nature of the templates, since digital files can not be returned, all sales are final and non-refundable. Your purchase includes complete user documentation to help you get your site up and running, 30-days of technical support provided from K Design Co., plus Showit's built in chat support. Please be mindful that to use this template you must have a paid Showit hosting account. This template can not be used on Wordpress without a Showit account.

Wondering what's possible with this template? Take a peek at some ideas below, then add this babe to your cart.

Nadda Warshanna, MA CCC-SLP :: Kimberly Template

"I was really nervous at first. Considering I'm far from tech savvy and have never created a website before. But I'm SO, so glad I purchased this template. Having a detailed guide to help me every step of the way was extremely beneficial. The website overall was easy to navigate and I'm so impressed at how adaptable it was. And now it looks so professional with all of my personal touches added in."

I'm SO, so glad I purchased this template.

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