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Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of designing your own website? You don’t have to be! With a clear plan, you can set your website (and your business) up for success. I’ve spent over 15 years designing websites and have learned the important things to consider when building a website and how to make the process […]

Kristin Pruis  —  May 4, 2022

How to Design a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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big a, little a in two different fonts

After you’ve spent all that time picking out the perfect brand fonts for your business, you might be disappointed to learn that not all font are considered web-safe, AKA, can be used and displayed consistently online. What does that mean? Web safe fonts are a limited set of fonts that can be used universally across […]

Kristin Pruis  —  April 12, 2022

What Are Web Safe Fonts and Do They Still Matter?

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getting started with wordpress, web design, website building for beginners

You have made the decision to build a website with WordPress. Yay! Great choice, WordPress is a trusted website builder for thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. But sometimes getting started with your very first website can seem intimidating. Don’t worry, you got this. Here are the first 4 steps to get you started. […]

Rachael Berthiaume  —  July 30, 2019

The Only Steps you Need to Get Started with WordPress

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