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Danielle Ireland

Intentional Brand & Website Design for Therapist


Danielle Ireland is a speaker, podcast host and therapist. She helps her clients who are looking for more awareness to improve their quality of life and relationships.

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The Creative Process

Danielle was seeking a brand that reflected her own intentional personal style and education as a licensed therapist. We create a calm & welcoming aesthetic for her therapy brand, collateral and website. We started our project exploring visual inspiration to target her desired audience and balance her own personal style.

Moodboard Design

The inspiration we curated for Danielle’s moodboard was calming and nature-inspired, true to her own personal style. We found subtle teal and blue hues mixed with light pops of pink, gold and neutrals were the perfect balance to create a brand that was both earthy and feminine.

Logo Design

We used a customized calligraphic-style script font as the main focal point of Danielle’s logo to help emphasize her personal approach to her work as a therapist and the relationships she builds with her clients. We also wanted the logo to feel readable and approachable, yet have a touch of femininity and flourish. The combination of the script typeface and the customized serif helps to strike this perfect balance. We also wanted to include a floral element, that has personal meaning to Danielle, but decided it was a good counterbalance on the submark design as opposed to being a part of the primary logo design.

Custom Journal Design

Danielle wanted a journal she could sell on her website and for her clients that would help them navigate and record their ideas on the tough topics of life, like relationships, career, family and more. Together with Dropleaf Communications, we created a completely custom guided journal, with prompts, illustrations, stories and plenty of space for readers to think and draw out their ideas. Purchase the journal from Danielle’s website here.

We also designed a self-publishing, imprint logo for her journal that complements her personal brand perfectly. Not only did we help her create the journal design, we also assisted with coordinating the printing, paper materials and also creating a product landing page on her website with the capability to have visitors purchase the journal on her website using Shopify.

Website Design

When we started working together, Danielle already had a website but she wanted an updated site design (and messaging) that would reflect her new brand and highlight her service offerings, featured blog, sell her journal and promote her speaking capabilities. Her new website is light, layered and organic, bringing all of the key aspects of her brand and business to the forefront in a beautiful and approachable way.

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