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The Intentional Woman

A Feminine Brand for a Bespoke Journal & Retail Business


Founded in 2023 by Sheterica Gordon, the Intentional Woman sells guided journals, books, conversation starters, and digital journals.

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Education / Retail


The Creative Process

Sheterica wanted a brand that was feminine, floral and introspective. The result was an inspirational and illustrative brand design that speaks to a young female audience. We started our project with visual exploration, research and the design of a moodboard.

Moodboard Design

Logo Design

For the logo, we created a design that was a simplistic yet detailed depiction of a woman’s face. We created multiple variations and orientations that could be used for a variety of formats in print and digital mediums.

Conversation Starters Card Deck Design

Together, we created a bespoke guided journal for women with custom illustrations and a unique card deck with conversation starters and prompts for couples to use to get to know each other better.

Journal Pages Design & Layout

Our project also included complete layout of the interior journal pages and the exterior journal cover design. The interior of the journal included custom illustrations along side charts, tables and writing prompts.

Journal Cover Design

We created multiple branded cover designs for the journal so that customers can pick the style that best fits their personality and tastes.

K Design went above and beyond what we were looking for. As a designer, she took my idea nad enhanced it and even gave me new ideas about things that I never considered. I enjoyed that she didn’t just do what I asked but used her expertise to give suggestions and offer feedback. That was my favorite part of the entire process. The investment was more than worthwhile because I got what I needed and things that I didn’t know I needed. She was patient, kind, and extremely helpful.

Sheterica Gordon, The Intentional Woman’s Guide LLC

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