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shop local this holiday season

4 Ways to Shop Local During the Holidays

Nov 13, 2014

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As a proud small business owner that serves other local small businesses, I have become a huge advocate for the shop local movement that has sprung up and gained popularity within the past few years. Think of shopping local as an easy way to “give back” to the community without actually giving anything away.”For communities, spending at local independent businesses generates more jobs and wealth in the local economy compared to spending at… corporate chains.”1 Simply put, shopping locally redirects the money you spend to benefit the community rather than a large corporation, that’s possibly thousands of miles away.

Shop Local To Gift

If there is a big box store that sells it, it’s more than likely there is also a small business or boutique near you that sells it. Often, the care and craft that go into specially sourced or handmade retail items increase their quality, returning you more value for your purchase than you might get from a national retailer. Rather than head straight to the mall for shopping this holiday season, do some research to see if there are any locally-owned independent businesses that sell items similar to what you are looking for. If you are an advocate of online shopping, check out Etsy to see if there are any small local retailers in your area selling gifts your friends and family might like. Search by location to be sure gifts aren’t coming from halfway around the world. Plus, your shipping costs could be considerably cheaper if you are ordering from someone who is practically your neighbor.

Shop Local To Dine

For most people, eating and enjoying the company of friends and family is a favorite holiday past-time. If you are anything like me, you will wait until the last minute for all your Christmas shopping and spend the middle of December sprinting from store to store in search of the perfect gifts. Between all of your holiday errands and special occasions, you’ll likely stop someplace for lunch to grab a quick bite or to relieve the stress of the day at a nice sit-down restaurant. Take these opportunities to scope out a locally-owned restaurant in your area. You just might be surprised at what you can find and the quality of service you will receive!

Shop Local To Produce

If you own a business that sells products that requires sourcing materials and parts, why not choose to do business with a local vendor? You’ll get the chance to establish some great personal connections, network, and start building relationships that benefit your community. Win-Win.

Shop Local To Promote

If you have a small business, it’s likely you are running some sort of promotion during the holidays. Whether it’s a Black Friday blowout or a discount special on seasonal items, you will need some way to promote it to let customers know what you are offering. Traditional marketing tactics paired with social media outreach can be a dynamite duo for results. Search for a local marketing company, communications agency, or graphic designer to help you promote your special offerings and give back to the community at the same time.

Do you shop locally? Talk to K Design Co. if you are interested in promoting your local business for the holidays.

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