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9 Showit Website Designers You Should Meet Before You Create Your Website

Mar 30, 2022

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In honor of women’s history month, this week I’m featuring nine very special women. This past November, I joined an exclusive group of Showit web designers that Showit calls design partners.

As a Showit design partner, you are educated and quizzed on best practices of the platform and your website designs are personally audited by the Showit team for quality and adherence to their recommendations. Showit design partners have the privilege of being featured on the Showit website and have the ability to submit their website template designs to the Showit marketplace.

But not all Showit design partners are alike! Each designer on this list has a speciality that they really excel at and I’m here to give you the scoop. If you’ve been in the market to find the perfect Showit website designer for your next website, check out these lovely ladies and their beautiful work below.

Meet Ingrid

Owner & Creative Director of Penguin Designing

Ingrid, Owner of Penguin Designing

Though small in stature, Ingrid has always had a big passion for creative pursuits and has been designing since she was 17. She founded her San Diego-based business in 2009, and has been focusing on branding and web design for the past 6 years. Ingrid’s specialty is creating membership websites that are modern and clean, complete with a polished user experience that covers even the littlest of details. Be on the lookout for Ingrid’s shop coming this year where you can buy templates, resources and more or take a look at Ingrid’s design portfolio.

Meet Jacki

Owner & Lead Designer at Foil & Ink (and record-breaking college athlete)

Jacki, Owner of Foil & Ink

Jacki’s love for typography and design inspired her to start her Salt Lake City business as a stationery designer nearly 8 years ago. Since then, she has added branding and web design into her repertoire as well. Jacki is constantly inspired by her wedding photographer clients, collaborating with them to create designs that are modern, bold and colorful. Since returning from her recent maternity leave, Jacki has plans for developing several new website templates this year. Check out Jacki’s work.

Meet Joanna

Owner & Showit Website Designer at Joanna Moss Creative

Joanna, Owner of Joanna Moss Creative

After graduating college, Joanna fell in love with web design while working for a web design firm. She knew it was the perfect fit to balance her creative and technical passions and started her own business in 2004. Following her relocation to the Cayman Islands for 3 years and some transitions in her business in 2019, Joanna moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada and rebranded, focusing solely on Showit websites. She brings her past experience in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer to her client work and loves creating clean and contemporary websites, especially for event planners. Joanna is currently developing a Showit Masterclass for photographers and wedding vendors in addition to creating new Showit templates for her shop to launch this summer. View more of Joanna’s work on her website.

Meet Sarah

Owner of Digital Grace Design (and identical twin!)

Sarah, Owner of Digital Grace Design

From professional dancer to training manager to self-taught designer, Sarah brings a variety of backgrounds to the table. Chasing a career with more freedom and flexibility that allowed her to express her creativity, she started Digital Grace Design in 2017. Sarah works from New York City designing websites for a range of clients, including her specialty of family photographers. She loves creating timeless, strategy-focused designs that help her clients showcase their photographs capturing family legacies. Check out Sarah’s recently launched template shop or view her portfolio.

Meet Amanda

Owner of

Amanda, Owner of Amanda

Amanda is a Michigan-based blogger turned designer who had over 11 years of freelance design experience under her belt before officially starting her business in 2019. She describes her style as warm and moody with an edge and specializes working with interior designers, helping them to build their online presence. Amanda is also a proud mother of two who loves teaching her children the value of hard work, growing her business as an example of what can be achieved. Amanda recently launched her template shop for interior designers & photographers to access affordable business resources. Browse her shop and more.

Meet Elizabeth

Website Designer & Course Creator (and retired yoga teacher!)

Elizabeth, Owner of Elizabeth McCravy Designs

Since Elizabeth was young, she’s always had a flair for the creative. After studying design in college and working in corporate advertising briefly, she decided to start her own business nearly 6 years ago. Elizabeth lives in Nashville where her business has evolved from social media management to selling website templates and online courses. She describes her design style as bright and fun and loves using bold colors and inviting typography in her work. As a course creator herself, Elizabeth has a special appreciation for her coaching and educator clients and is able to use her experience and skills to help elevate her designs. Be on the lookout for more course creator-focused Showit templates and a new course from Elizabeth this year. You can also check out her site here.

Meet Gillian

Designer for Bloggers & Influencers

Gillian, Owner of

Gillian is Scotland-based designer who started her business in 2017 serving bloggers across the globe. She is a creative at heart that loves the freedom of being her own boss and being able to travel and meet her clients face-to-face. Gillian’s design style is clean and neutral, with a little bit of flair, allowing her client’s content to always be the star of the page. Gillian is expecting her second child and will be making some exciting transitions this year in her business. Check out more from Gillian on her website.

Meet Shelby

Owner & Lead Designer of Saltwater Designs

Shelby started out as a stationery designer and in-house graphic designer before diving in fully to her business in 2018. In addition to being an established professional designer and military wife, she is also a self-professed real estate junkie – with all the training and licensing to boot! Because of her background, Shelby loves to design websites for realtors, using her coastal boho-style to help her clients establish trust and stand out from the crowd online. Be on the lookout this year for a full collection of website templates from Shelby on her site, including a realtor-inspired design. Or if you’re in the market for the perfect rental in Florida, Salt Haus 30a is making its debut this April.

And lastly… You didn’t think I’d write a post about Showit website designers without including myself, did you?

Meet Kristin

Owner and & Brand Strategist, K Design Co.

Kristin Pruis, Owner of K Design Co.

My design career began working in the agency world for a few years before making the leap to start my own business based in Indianapolis in 2014. One MBA and four children later, I’ve had the privilege to design for a range of clients including therapists, coaches and authors. My favorite part of the design process is seeing the transformation I am able to create for my clients and seeing how it impacts their business. I love designing websites that feel soft and feminine but I also love the challenge of going out of my comfort zone! I’ll be adding a few new templates to my Showit website shop this year as well as launching an all new product – brand kits – at the beginning of April!

Have a question about the Showit platform or looking for a Showit website designer for a particular niche? Reach out and I would love to help!

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