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20 Canva Font Pairings to Freshen Up Your Brand

Mar 8, 2022

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Canva is a graphics tool that virtually any small business owner can benefit from using. On top of the hundreds of easy-to-edit templates they have, over the past year, Canva has added a ton of new stickers, graphics, and fonts.

What’s especially great about using Canva is you don’t have to worry about dealing with all the fine-print when it comes to commercial font licensing. You can just sign-in to Canva and use any of their available fonts!

With that being said, how do you choose what fonts to use and pair together for your business? If you are going through a re-brand or starting fresh, here are some Canva font pairings, you might want to try.

tenor sans + lato light canva font pairing
Tenor Sans + Lato Light

These two fonts paired together are clean and understated. They flow together well and are perfect for photographers, where the photos should do the talking, or beauty and health professionals.

bodoni flf + signature canva font pairing
Bodoni FLF + Signature

For the blogger, influencer, and content creator whose entire brand needs to be connected, personalized, and eye-catching. These stylish and editorial fonts create contrast and emphasis when needed.

baskerville + brendon canva font pairing
Libre Baskerville + Brendon

A classic meets modern font combination perfect for an author or coach, because the words you are writing are more important than the fonts that write them.

explorer brand kit moodboard mockup

Like the sophisticated look of this font duo?

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dream avenue + billion miracles font pairing
Dream Avenue + Billion Miracles

This dreamy duo is trendy and whimsical for any designer or social media marketer looking to leave their unique mark and stand out from the competition.

bBitter bold + montserrat canva font pairing
Bitter Bold + Montserrat

Montserrat is a fan-favorite font. Pair it with Bitter for a bold meets modern aesthetic that would look good on any podcaster, coach, or consultant.

london + intro rust line font pairing
London + Intro Rust Line

For the fashion-forward fashion blogger, photographer, or interior designer-like business. This pairing is both minimal and stylish in all the right ways.

bebas neue + evolve sans canva font pairing
Bebas Neue + Evolve Sans

Like a match made in heaven, this Canva font pairing is authoritative and streamlined. For the blogger, coach, or content creator who is an expert in their niche looking for a clean and simple typeface.

chloe + jonathan canva font pairing
Chloe + Jonathan

Chloe and Jonathan, the perfect couple! This bubbly and stylish duo might work best for social media marketers, virtual assistants, or coaches who are always on top of what’s trending!

abiah + calgary canva font pairing
Abiah + Calgary

A traditional and elegant font pairing with the right amount of bold and barely-there lines, perfect for photographers, interior designers, and event planners.

versailles + be vietnam thin font pairing
Versailles + Be Vietnam Thin

Class and sophistication is what these fonts bring to the table. For fashion and beauty entrepreneurs wanting a refined finishing touch to their brand.

diva brand kit moodboard mockup

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Black Mango + Darker Grotesque Canva font pairing
Black Mango + Darker Grotesque

Black Mango + Darker Grotesque strike the ideal balance of style and professionalism. These two Canva fonts would be great to use for any designer, photographer or creative business.

madelyn + lovelo canva font pairing
Madelyn + Lovelo

The girl next door of font pairings, Madelyn and Lovelo are personal and trustworthy making them perfect for coaches, virtual assistants, or social media markers who need to create strong relationships with their clients.

Archive + Agrandir Thin Canva font pairing
Archive + Agrandir Thin

Need bold font pairing to get noticed? Archive + Agrandir Thin are the perfect bold + thin font duo. This font combination could be used for so many businesses, including blog sites, copywriters, online marketers and more.

Halimum + Gabriel Sans Canva font pairing
Halimum + Gabriel Sans

This Canva font combination pairs a signature style script with a wideset sans-serif font. Try this combo for a look that’s understated and personal, great for coaches, therapists, authors, and personal brands.

muse brand kit moodboard mockup

Love the look of this signature font combination?

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March + Rasputin Light Canva font pairing
March + Rasputin Light

Looking for fonts with a little personality? March + Rasputin Light have the perfect balance and complementary features to make a great font pairing for restaurants, boutiques, salons and more.

Le Jour Serif + Mont Thin Canva font pairing
Le Jour Serif + Mont Thin

Ooo, la, la! This swoon-worthy French-inspired pairing is to die for. Pair Le Jour Serif with Mont Thin for an international font delight, perfect for beauty brands, fashion brands, content creators and more.

socialite brand kit moodboard mockup

Love the editorial style of this Canva font combo?

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MediaPro + TT Rounds Condensed Canva font pairing
MediaPro + TT Rounds Condensed

This Canva font combination is professional and modern. Use these fonts to build your credibility – a perfect pairing for, virtual assistants, social media managers, online marketers, and podcast hosts.

Safira March + Hatton Light Canva font pairing
Safira March + Hatton Light

Looking for fonts with the perfect balance of sophistication and editorial style? This magazine-worthy font pairing would be a smart choice for bloggers, fashion and beauty brands, and wellness brands.

Klein Black + Nexa Bold Canva font pairing
Klein Black + Nexa Bold

Need a bold and friendly look? Pair Klein Black with Nexa Bold for a style that’s eye-catching and clean. This font combination would be great for coaches, social media managers, copywriters and more.

Lovelace + Hero Light Canva font pairing
Lovelace + Hero Light

This serif + sans font duo is elegant and stylish in all the right ways. Pair these two fonts together for a modern feminine aesthetic that is perfect for photographers, event planners, designers and creatives.

dreamer brand kit moodboard mockup

Love the light and airy aesthetic of this font combination?

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Need More Canva Font Pairings for Inspiration?

Did you know you can access tons of Canva font pairings and combinations directly inside of the Canva app? Simply login into you Canva account, start a new design and then click on the Styles tab for pre-made font pairs you can use instantly in your designs!

If you are looking for more Canva font pairings, check out the Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing straight from Canva themselves for 30 more unique font combinations or try downloading our free font pairing guide below! You might also want to see these Google font combinations too!

Need a more thorough hands-on resource for choosing the right fonts? Check out our semi-custom brand kits! Just choose your style, and we’ll create personalized logos just for you with a color palette and set of fonts to match!

Disclaimer: Some of these fonts listed above require a Canva Pro subscription.

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