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5 Website Design Errors to Avoid Before Launch

Jan 3, 2017

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You’re getting ready to launch your beautiful new website design and, boy, are you excited! But don’t launch just yet until you make sure you’ve avoided these common errors.

  1. Grammar & Spelling errors – It seems pretty basic, but spelling errors and grammar faux pas make you look unprofessional. Don’t let all your hard work and money be undone by something as silly as a misspelled word. Have at least one copy editor or trained content professional give your site’s copy a complete once-over before pressing that launch button.
  2. Inconsistent Design Appearance – Your website design should be versatile and flexible enough to look great on all modern browsers, resolutions and devices. Use a tool like BrowserStack or Browserling to ensure your website’s appearance is stellar from any perspective. 
  3. Bad Design or Photography – The web is full of cheesy stock imagery and the sophisticated internet user can spot a bad photo a mile away, so don’t even think about it! Hire a professional photographer or invest in a graphic designer to help you source better imagery or even develop custom graphics and imagery for your website. You’ll want to ensure your design is pixel perfect and appropriate. Check out this post on awful web design trends to ensure you’re website design isn’t stuck in the stone age (also known as the 90’s.)
  4. Slow-Loading Images – Once you have a great curated selection of images you’ll want to ensure they were saved properly for web standards. This saves your site from being bogged down and from bouncing visits. Keep your visitors engaged on your site with a quickly loading images and pages that allow them to get to the content they want, fast.
  5. Broken Links, Forms and Design Issues – The final step before any website launch should be a thorough test from both the design and development team, and the client. Quality assurance testing can catch egregious development mistakes, broken links and other website design issues. Simply make a check-list of things or issues that need to be addressed and tackle the items in order of priority. Or for larger sites, organize the data in an excel sheet by page URL and indicate who is responsible for addressing the issue.

Have you made any of these mistakes? If so, don’t fret. The great part about the web is that it’s ever changing and usually you can fix your mistakes pretty quickly. Think your new website design is ready for it’s debut? I’d love to see it. Post a comment below or talk to K Design Co about starting a new website design project.

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