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5 Simple Hacks for a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Kristin Pruis  •  January 7, 2019

I’ll admit that I’m still semi-new to the Instagram scene, but with a few months and a couple hundred followers under my belt, I’ve got to say that I love it. I’ve been desperately trying to not let this new platform turn into an addiction, but it’s super hard not to be obsessed with scrolling through my Instagram feed.

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Since I am SUCH a visual person, IG definitely fills the need that I have to look at pretty things. One thing I do struggle with is following accounts that don’t have polished content or well put-together feeds. I mean isn’t Instagram all about the aesthetic? I don’t think some people got the memo.

That’s why I’ve put together a quick list of some simple hacks or guidelines to help you ensure your Instagram feed is beautiful, branded, eye-catching and that people (including me!), actually want to follow you.

01. Introduce variety in your Instagram feed.

They say it’s the spice of life and I agree! Mix your Instagram feed up with different types of content, images, graphics or quotes. If I look at someone’s feed and it’s only full of badly-lit selfies, I am NOT going to follow that account. It comes off as very self-centered and isn’t appealing to look at. Especially since I probably don’t know that person in real life, I’m not thrilled at the idea of seeing their strange face in my feed every day. Sorry, not sorry. You can still feature yourself in your feed, but try different poses at different perspectives, in different environments and incorporate other people as well.

ashlyn froelich instagram feed

02. Stick to a certain visual theme.

What makes your Instagram feed unique? This could be anything from the kind of preset or filter you use on your photos to the style and subject of imagery you choose. Highlighting your brand colors and fonts is also not a bad idea. Feeds that strategically incorporate color in a fun way throughout their feed, are definitely my favorite ones to follow.

starcastlestudio instagram feed

03. Be intentional with your content.

What content are you sharing on your feed? Is it actually appealing to look at, helpful and interesting? Or does your feed look more like one long sales pitch or just a montage of regurgitated inspirational quotes? Curate the content on the feed specifically for your audience and what they are interested in. Don’t know what your followers want to see? Just jump on your stories and ask them!

rachel hollis instagram feed

04. Use high-quality photos

OK, I realize everyone can’t splurge for hiring their own personal photographer but there are other options for getting high-quality photos out there. Look into getting a stock photo subscription from a service like PixiStock. You don’t have to rely on this 100% for all of your posts, but you can sprinkle these in your feed every so often to maintain your aesthetic and keep your Instagram feed looking polished.

05. Stay consistent with your brand.

So variety and consistency might seem like they are opposites, but you can totally do both. When I say consistency, I don’t necessarily mean how frequently you post, although that is important too. What I mean is that your feed needs an overall feel that your posts and content mesh well visually together. Day to day you may share different images and posts, but when I look at your feed as a whole it should feel like a narrative of your brand.

Okay, now you’ve got the tips, so go and implement them! What are you waiting for? Check out the Instagram accounts featured above, plus a few of my other fave biz babes to follow that have gorgeous feeds:

  • @thekdesignco – Get biz & branding tips + girl boss inspo from yours truly
  • @starcastlestudio – Kelly is a fellow designer and Disney lover
  • @pixistock – Alicia’s got gorgeous stock photos for girl bosses
  • @local_milk – Beth’s amazing photography is in its own league
  • @sprinkleandwhisk – I have a major sweet tooth so I love looking at Dani’s creations
  • @nicolemariepaperie – Nicole’s card designs and illustrations are too cute
  • @castlebabeco – If you all things love Disney or things that are magical and adorable
  • @ashfroelich – Ashlyn is the cutest person ever with some seriously beautiful photos
  • @workparty – What can I say? I love pink!
  • @mrsrachelhollis – You know it – this girl’s got game

Still need some help creating a beautiful Instagram feed? Reach out and let’s chat about making it happen!

  1. Steph says:

    Fantastic review of tips and strategies plus some really helpful examples to admire and aspire to! Thanks!

  2. dani says:

    These are really helpful tips. i am trying to grow my Instagram and I have spotted the problem. =)

  3. Ariel says:

    I thought the post was very helpful however, I also thought it was a little discouraging. As someone just starting out I think it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetic when in reality I want to have good content, want to inspire , make people laugh etc. I personally think that the carbon copy Instagram approach can be a bit dull & hard to follow when everything looks alike! I do however, understand that making your page pretty will attract more followers it’s just sad that it seems that’s what most of the focus is on.

    • Kristin Pruis says:

      Hi Ariel!

      Thank you so much for your honest feedback! I really appreciate it! I definitely don’t want this to be discouraging to you.

      From the beginning, Instagram has always been a photo-sharing app first which means that most users are going to prioritize the visuals over the content. However, I do think having good quality content that is relevant to your audience is super important too, but in order to draw people into actual want to read that, your aesthetics have to be on point. People are visual readers first so your images need to entice people to want to read what your captions are.

      I also 100% believe you can let your personality shine AND have a beautiful feed. You definitely don’t want to just copy exactly what other people are doing! That would be no fun! Find your own combination of beautiful, authentic and unique that speaks to what your personal brand is about!

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