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Influencer Marketing 101:The Basics of Becoming an Influencer


Ashlyn Froelich



It seems like everyone and their dog wants to be an “influencer,” but do you know what becoming an influencer really takes? There are so many self-proclaimed influencers out there, you might also be wondering if you can be an influencer too. In this post, I’ll cover some basics steps to get started with influencer marketing.

Know Your Niche

Before you get started with choosing your platform and getting sponsored posts, you need to find something you’re passionate about. This is SO important, yet so many people forget this step. When you are an influencer, you are literally influencing people to buy certain things, do certain things, and behind the influence needs to be someone passionate about what they are doing.

So, write down everything you love, and decide what you would like to help others become more passionate about. Personally, I chose motherhood, and fashion. I love to get all dolled up, but I also am super passionate about helping others know the truth about motherhood.

Choose Your Platform

Choosing a platform is important because each platform has its own algorithm and its own way of working. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, so if you choose this to be your platform, study, and research how the algorithm works so you can get maximum exposure of your account and ensure you are being seen.

Other platforms you can show up on include: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, a Blog

becoming an influencer with ashlyn froelich

Create Content

This is my favorite part! I love being creative and sharing fun and inspiring content. This is also one of the most important things to do because it is the way you will grab your audiences’ attention. When creating content, ensure you are covering your bases in all of these key areas:

  • Take killer photos – Make sure your photos are beautiful. There may be a lot of influencers out there sharing pretty pictures, but you can still show up and stand out. Find yourself a preset and make your photos look the best you can! Usually, your photos are what hook your followers first.
  • Be creative – Taking the same pictures with the same boring pose isn’t going to help you grow. Your audience wants to see variety and creativity.
  • Add value – After you have you’ve got the perfect photo, pair it with a caption that adds value. This is HUGE, and what will make you shine above all the other influencers. When you add sincere value and knowledge to share with your audience, people will want to follow you and see what more you can offer them. Remember- they are following you to be inspired.

Share Your Content

Now that you have amazing content created, share with everyone you know! It can be hard to start out and not have a lot of people following who you are, but it will take time. Stay positive and post daily if you can! The more you post, the more likely people will find you. Research tips on how to beat the algorithm and work hard! And remember, always, always, always use hashtags! ALWAYS!

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Ashlyn is a lifestyle blogger and Instagram pro who loves to write about motherhood, fashion, beauty, social media, influencer marketing and more. Want to know more influencer marketing tips or about how you can work or collaborate with Ashlyn? Follow her on Instagram @ashfroelich or reach out!

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