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Divi - Best Wordpress Theme

6 Reasons Divi is the Best WordPress Theme for Your Startup Business

Jan 23, 2018

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Congrats on being at the stage of your business where you are ready to invest in a website! If you’re looking to use WordPress as your platform of choice you’re probably overwhelmed with the sheer number of theme options out there. I’ve been there too!

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While there are great benefits to creating a custom website design if you can afford it, this blog focuses on a great alternative solution that’s less expensive and that you can launch out of the box. I’ve worked on 10’s of dozens of websites over the years and by far, Divi from Elegant Themes is the BEST WordPress-specific theme I’ve discovered when a custom site isn’t an option! After being burned from other themes when they looked so shiny and perfect before buying them, I decided to commit to only using a theme that I know I could rely 100% of the time. Here are my top reasons why I know you’ll love Divi too and a peek at some of the cool features you can expect.

1. Beautiful, Easy-to-use Interface

Divi makes things SUPER easy with its drag-and-drop builder interface. When creating a page or post, you can either use the backend builder to set up your page using sections, rows and columns or use the visual builder if that’s more your style. Plus, Divi comes with the new Divi Help System, blog tutorials, extensive documentation, customer support and step-by-step walkthroughs to help you get the hang of things when you are just starting to work with it.

Of all the themes I’ve worked with, Divi has the shortest learning curve and most intuitive backend which definitely makes a difference when you are looking to get your site up quickly. Having all the features and settings in the world won’t matter if they aren’t organized well or easy to access. Divi takes care of all of this for you!

2. Pre-built Layouts & Layout Libraries

Another thing that makes Divi the best WordPress theme in my opinion is that you can easily import and export layouts to your pages and posts. You can snag of one of the gorgeous niche-specific layouts that Elegant Themes (ET) creates weekly or you can create your own page templates and layouts and reuse them throughout your site.

This means you don’t have to start from scratch and you can take advantage of the design expertise from experts rather than rely solely on your own intuition, especially if you aren’t normally the creative type.

3. Versatile Modules & Settings Galore

Divi WordPress theme modules

Divi comes pre-built with nearly all of the modules and settings you could ever want or need! Email Opt-in – CHECK! Video Slider – CHECK! Accordions, Toggles, Testimonials – CHECK! Don’t forget A/B testing, multi-language support and not to mention, ET is constantly adding new features and updates to their builder that span globally across all elements. Here are just a few of the options they’ve added in the past few months:

  • Custom Gradient Backgrounds
  • Advanced Unique Border Options
  • Image Color Filters & Effects
  • CSS3 Animations & Transformations

4. Responsive Design Options & Settings

Divi WordPress Theme responsive text settings

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly these days, not only are you going to look like a total dinosaur, but you can also get dinged by Google. EEK! However, if you use Divi, the theme takes care of your website’s mobile design automatically. And if you want to customize things even further, you can!

Divi allows you to choose which elements you want to be shown on mobile, tablet, or desktop and how you want them displayed. Other considerations such as mobile navigation display and mobile preview are all built-in so you never have to worry about how your site looks on different devices.

5. WordPress Plugins & Theme Library

Another amazing thing about purchasing the Divi theme is that you also gain access to Elegant Themes’ robust complementary plugin library and 86 additional themes. While Divi is definitely the star attraction, Elegant Themes has a ton of other theme options you can try if you are looking for something fresh and new. Plus, the plugins themselves make your investment in Divi worth it all by themselves.

Here are some of the extras you’ll get:

  • Monarch – Social Sharing
  • Bloom – Email Opt-ins & Pop-ups
  • Divi Builder – Drag and Drop Builder for any theme

6. Incredible Design Flexibility & Custom CSS

So, I’m definitely not claiming that this theme can do anything. As with all pre-made themes, there are limitations and it is not the same as a custom site, but with Divi, the combinations and choices you have are truly above and beyond of what other themes offer. The theme has been created in a way that allows you to create unique layouts and arrangements of the modules. In your search around the internet, you’ve probably encountered many websites built with Divi, but didn’t even know it because of Divi’s ability to change to each user’s needs.

This isn’t one of those themes that gives you a rigid template where you can only change an image or a block of text. With Divi, you can put any of the pre-built components nearly anywhere. If you’re a CSS buff, you can even further customize Divi to become the next best thing to a custom website. That’s the very reason why I use Divi on this website and highly recommend it to friends and colleagues!

Still need convincing that Divi is the best WordPress theme for you? You can get all of these great features by paying either a yearly subscription price of $89 or a one-time lifetime access payment of $249. Since I use the theme so much and for many of my clients, I went ahead and purchased the life-time license and it has been worth it +10 times over. But even at the $89 price point, Divi is still comparable to many other theme options out there. Elegant Themes also offers a 30-day risk-free trial on Divi so you can be sure you absolutely love it before you really commit. See for yourself why Divi is the best WordPress theme out there or check out one of Divi’s awesome demo sites!

If you want to take a really deep dive into all the features Divi offers, check out this full Divi Theme Review by David Attard.

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