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Beautiful, Clean & Light Web Design Inspiration for Your New Website

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You’ve built your brand—now it’s time to craft your website! So….where to begin? Creative block when it comes to your website is no joke! If you are feeling clueless about where to start, here are some clean and light websites for inspiration, PLUS, some website template options you can purchase that will have your website up in no time! 

1. East Hampton 2.0 Showit Template by Davey & Krista

This template was made to look timeless with elegant fonts, neutral colors, and lot’s of white space. We love the poised details on every section that enable every user to really make it their own! 

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2. Clean Freak Squarespace Template by 23 and 9 Creative

The title says it all. This elegant and fresh template was made for the fitness and beauty industry in mind. Upload your branding and create a sense of connection with every user. There are tons of bonus features and goodies included with this purchase! 

3. Lindsay Pemberton by Kate Fordy Designs 

Everything about this website is clean and elegant, just like the cakes that Lindsay creates! Soft blues, cream hues, and gray fonts are the perfect choice for this business. This website is giving us major fairytale and princess vibes! 

4. Jamie Showit Template by K Design Co.

The Jamie Template is perfect for website template for photographers and creatives alike! With a focus on the details, let your work shine with this customizable template. What makes this template beautiful and light is the large image areas, clean lines, and script font. 

Want to see what’s possible when you customize this template? Head on over to Deven Donohue’s gorgeous website for more light and airy website inspiration! What’s great about her website is that the photos are the main attraction. With the use of white space, subtle icons, and classic fonts, this custom website for Houston photographer for our client Deven proves that sometimes, less is more! 

5. The Juliet Template by IDCO

For the minimalist at heart, this template features subtle animations, a clean design, and is fully customizable. The beauty of this template is you don’t have to do much! Just add in your charm and let the design do the rest. 

6. Lady Luxe Website template by Anastasia Template

A light and airy template, for the light and airy photographer! The essence of your business should be reflected in your website, and with this Showit template, it can be! All fonts are included with this template as well as all the page options you would need to attract your dream client. 

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so! The truth about creating a website is you have options. Whether you want to hand it over to a professional designer or find a template that has the bulk of the work done, you can have your dream website.

Want your very own beautiful and light website design? Stop by the K Design Co. shop for a template or reach out and let us know how we can make your dream website come to life with a fully custom design!

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