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Showit Pricing Tiers: Which Hosting Plan is Right For You?

Feb 13, 2022

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If you are considering using Showit for your website platform, but not sure which hosting plan is right for you, then you are in the right place. Showit is extremely unique compared to other website hosting services in that when you purchase a Showit subscription, you don’t just get boring storage space for you website files – You get a best-in-class website builder that makes it super easy to create your own website theme design, without any code what-so-ever.

Basic Showit Pricing Plans

While Showit pricing plans may be a little more expensive than your average run-of-the-mill hosting services, what you get in return is 1000% worth the investment. Here’s a breakdown of Showit’s different hosting options, which include both month-to-month pricing and a discounted annual subscription:

Showit Pricing: Tier #1

Also, just called the “Showit” plan, this is the most basic hosting option Showit offers and the cheapest. If you are just looking to get access to Showit’s page/theme builder and don’t want or need WordPress (or a blog), then you should select this plan. You’ll also get:

  • Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
  • 20 GB of File Storage & Website Hosting
  • Website Backups 10 minutes (stored for 7 days)

You pay $19/mo. (billed annually $228) or $24/mo. (billed monthly)

Showit Pricing: Tier #2

This plan is called the “Showit + Basic Blog” hosting plan and is the middle tier option. If you are interested to start a new blog or migrate your existing website which has less than 50 blog posts / 10K monthly visits, this is the Showit hosting option for you. In addition to everything you get in Tier #1, you’ll also get:

  • WordPress Hosting via WP Engine
  • One WordPress User
  • Daily blog backups, stored for 30 days
  • Preinstalled plugins
  • Simple Blog Migration (up to 50 posts for select platforms only)

You pay $24/mo. (billed annually $288) or $29/mo. (billed monthly)

Showit Pricing: Tier #3

This plan is called the “Showit + Advanced Blog” hosting plan and is the top tier option. This is the best option for you if you want to use advanced plugins with WordPress such as for e-commerce, have a blog with more than 50 posts or get up 25K in monthly website visitors. In addition to everything you get in Tier #1, you’ll also get:

  • WordPress Hosting via WP Engine
  • Unlimited WordPress Users
  • Daily blog backups, stored for 30 days
  • Unlimited Plugins
  • Blog Migration (for select platforms only)
  • FTP & Database Access

You pay $34/mo. (billed annually $408) or $39/mo. (billed monthly)

High-Traffic Showit Pricing Plans

If you have a high-traffic website/blog, Showit offers additional hosting plans for you. For the purposes of Showit’s pricing tiers, a high-traffic website is considered one that receives more than 25,000 monthly visitors. This won’t apply to most newer businesses or the majority of website owners, but is available for those who need it. High-traffic plans offer additional storage space for your blog and more bandwidth for increased website visitors.

  • Showit + Advanced Blog (50K) – $69/mo. or $768/yr
  • Showit + Advanced Blog (100K) – $129/mo. or $1488/yr
  • Showit Self-Hosting Subscription (100K+) – Contact Showit

Why Pay More For Showit Hosting

It’s true that Showit isn’t the cheapest hosting option out there, but it’s for many good reasons. (If finding the cheapest solution for your business is your focus, then Showit probably isn’t for you.) Here are just a few reasons why I and so many other creative professionals and business owners are willing to pay more for Showit hosting.

Chat Support – One of Showit’s most amazing features that they don’t even advertise is that all of their plans come with chat support. This has been so helpful for maintaining my own Showit website, in addition to my helping my clients launch their own Showit websites. If you ever run into a hiccup with your Showit site, support is there with answers.

Site Migration – If you are on Squarespace or WordPress, Showit can help you migrate your existing blog content into Showit – free! Not all website hosting companies will do this. Some will charge you for it or tell you to hire a developer or do it yourself.

Creative Freedom – A lot of other website builders and platforms throw this term around loosely when it comes to web design, but with Showit, it’s 100% a reality. With over 15 years of web design experience under my belt, and after using so many other platforms and themes, I can without hesitation say that Showit is the best. Showit makes designing your website *SO* easy, whether you are a designer or just someone who likes to flex their creative muscles. With Showit, you can create a custom-looking website without having to know any code.

Community – Showit is more than just a hosting service. It’s a community of die-hard fans, designers and users. If you ever wondered if or how something was possible to create in Showit – you can reach out to the Showit Facebook User group and have your question answered by one or more of it’s helpful members (yours truly included)!

If you still aren’t convinced about why you should pay for Showit or what makes it worth the investment, you might want to try out a Showit demo site for free. Click the link and the choose any free template to demo the Showit builder instantly, without even creating an account. Looking for a Showit coupon code? Interested in a free month of Showit? Use my special referral link to pay $0 for your first month’s subscription. Have another question about Showit or my Showit website templates? Shoot me a message!

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