10 WordPress Website Templates for Business Owners

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Rachael Berthiaume



WordPress has been a tried and true website builder for what feels like forever, because it never lets us down. Besides its reliability and number of features, my favorite thing about WordPress is the amount of themes and templates to choose from to make sure your website is always fresh.


For those with strong and unique branding that needs a new place to shine. The Budapest template will do just that with minimalist details and space for bold imagery.


The Kerry template recently got a major upgrade and is ready for you to take it up a notch by adding your own brand! The template now comes with 30 custom icons, and everything else you need to run your services-based business.


A pre-designed website template for the beauty and wellness industry. The Studio La Luna templates are extra special because they do even more of the work, just supply your images and content and they will take care of the rest!


Make your blog stand out from the crowd with the Olive theme by Gadabout Studio! This theme specializes in monetization by providing multiple ways to showcase your content for the most clicks. 


Sell, sell, sell with the Samantha theme by Bluchic. Perfect for boutiques and modern shops to provide an easy and pleasant customer experience.

Honey Dew

Not only is this theme completely customizable to suit your needs, but it comes with TWO homepage options, TWO! As well as free canva templates, sign me up!


All the work is done for you with this theme. Just plug in and go. There’s multiple versions of guided tutorials for setup and BONUS, add on a mini course to really take your skills to the next level.


Maggie is simple and sweet! Super easy to customize all 15+ page options so you can have a new or updated website in a flash.


Achieve a beautiful website, without breaking the bank. Pix and Hue brings a special flair to all of their templates, and Josephine is no exception. If you are looking for a little bit more than a theme but not a fully custom website, you’ve found it!


The Kimberly template is beauty + brains, packed with tons of site converting goodies. If you are a coach or consultant that needs a website with a robust sales page, this template was created just for you. 

WordPress is the premier hosting platform for any business owner, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else. With any one of these templates, your business will shine on it’s own.

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