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If you love designing your website in Showit for it’s unique design capabilities and functionality, you’re going to love it even more once you explore the magic of WordPress Custom Post Types. Ever get that notice in Showit that you have too many pages and that the performance of your site may be affected? Or […]

Kristin Pruis

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It’s 2023, if you have a business – you need a website. People want to be able to find you and learn everything they need to know after a quick Google search for your product or service. So, give the people what they want! Does thinking about creating your own website make your brain hurt? […]

Rachael Berthiaume

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customize your website theme

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to shake the dust off that old under-performing website of yours and redesign your website… Congratulations! Just picture yourself now with your new bangin’ website proudly sitting at the top of the search results, luring in all those click-happy visitors. But before you get started busying yourself with all […]

Kristin Pruis

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