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Essential Website Pages Every Site Needs (+4 You Didn’t Even Think About)

May 21, 2024

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Think of how many websites you view on a daily basis… Is it 10? 20? 50? 100 or more? Now, how often do you stop to consider what pages (and how many) each of those sites have?

It might seem irrelevant, until you are ready to create your own website. If this post caught your attention, we’re guessing that’s you and you’re curious to know more about what pages you should actually consider having on your website.

Here’s the thing… 2024 is a totally different marketing landscape and making sure people are actually sticking around on your site is going to require some serious thought and planning. That all starts with figuring out what pages should be on your website.

Deciding on the right mix of website pages for your site could be the difference between driving traffic, better search rankings, and an increase in sales OR having a website that doesn’t do anything for your business but collecting dust from your broken website dreams 😓. (Okay, that might a little extreme, but you get the idea…)

So, let’s talk about the most common pages we typically see on a website.

Main Pages of a Website

This list of website pages below will likely come as no surprise to you, but there’s a reason why these staples work. They provide critical information to visitors that are considering making a buying decision. Each one of these pages serves a unique purpose and can help stir your visitors a little closer into being “ready to buy”.

Common Website Pages List

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Blog

Depending on what type of business you have (services- or products-based), your niche and your industry (B2B / B2C) you likely also have a few other pages in the mix as well. But let’s talk about these in a little bit more details before we get to some of the juicier stuff.


Nielsen Norman Group calls your homepage, “the most valuable real estate in the world,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Your homepage is the first page people see and plays a huge role in website traffic and user experience. Think of your homepage like the cover and table of contents of a book. It gives your readers a glimpse of what your website is about, and what they can expect to find if they continue to dig deeper.

One approach to laying out your homepage is to break it down into sections that highlight a different page or aspect on your website. This way, you can drive users to visit other pages on your website to find more information.

Homepage Examples We Love

We love the bright and bold colors used on the Sugar Punch Marketing homepage that feel like they are inviting us to keep exploring. Kudos to Social Darling Studio for the stellar design.
Megan Taylor website homepage design
Megan Taylor’s homepage strikes the perfect balance of warmth + sophistication (designed by Fabiana Nilsson)
A recent homepage we helped one of our clients, Jennifer Stanley of Living Well to design!

About Me Page

An About Me page is more important than ever for online service providers, solopreneurs, and small businesses. It’s a website page that is often forgotten or neglected, but we’re here to tell you to pay more attention to it!

According to a study by KoMarketing, 52% of people want to see a company’s “About” page.

As a service provider, your About Me page design is important because it’s where you can really build trust with your audience and potential customers. People who are searching for someone they can connect with behind the screen, especially when they plan to make a big investment.

What you should include in your About Me page:

  • A headshot / photo of you – this is so critical for making that initial connection
  • Who you serve – make this clear and as specific as possible
  • A short bio of your background, education and qualifications (written in non-gimmicky, first person)
  • What makes you unique – what makes you tick, what drives you, what is your unique back story
  • A call to action to learn more about your services or work with you

Creating a whole page about yourself can be difficult, but guess what? Your About Me page isn’t actually all about you. Read our about me page tips for even more examples on how to create an inspiring About Me Page.

About Me Page Examples

litchfield media about page design
Uhh… can you say showstopper? We are obsessed with founder, Melissa Litchfield’s, about page designed by the good folks over at Deeply Rooted Studio.
Meg Squats about page design
Meg Squats’s about page is oozing with personality, designed by Brand Good Time.
about me page for a speaker + author from our Jenny Showit template
Peek at a section from the About Me page on our updated Jenny template available for purchase.

Services Page

It’s no surprise that a service-based business, like a social media manager, web designer (hello!) photographer, etc. is going to need a services page on their website. It’s important to be able to provide more information when potential customers come looking. They want as many of their questions answered as possible before they decide to book, and the services page is often where that happens.

A services page should outline details such as packages, pricing, timelines, and availability, but it should also do much more than that. After getting the necessary details out of the way, you can really take your services page to the next level through strategic copywriting + storytelling (which you should have started on the About Me Page) and providing more proof of your expertise (aka testimonials).

Sections to include in your services page:

  • Addressing pain points
  • Describing the transformation you provide
  • Services descriptions + pricing
  • Portfolio examples
  • Testimonials (and lots of ’em)
  • FAQs
  • a CTA (this is key!)

Looking for a website template with a robust sales or services page already outlined for you? Meet our Kimberly Showit Website template.

Services Page Examples

natania creates services page
We love Natania’s smooth flowing and clean services page design. (Designed by The Buffalo Collective)
Showing a glimpse at your process can help people better picture themselves working with you. We love this clean, yet fun layout from Studio Eleven Creative.
Social Savvy services page design
Helloooo personality from Social Savvy! We love the fun shapes and colors used throughout their site.
What a cute way to display your services from Sarah Burk.

Contact Page

We know you’re know stranger to how a contact page works. It’s typically a short page with a contact form and/or contact details, but you’d be surprise how many sites we come across that are missing this key website page.

By the time people have made their way to the site and are on your contact page they have put in some thought on whether or not they want to work with you. That’s why you need to make it easy for them to seal the deal.

On your contact page, reiterate how you can help them and provide some basic business details like availability, work hours, and location, if relevant.

Contact Page Examples

We are digging Mik Zazon’s contact page design that is gorgeously branded and, most importantly, super user-friendly for her visitors.
Candace Elizabeth’s contact page is simple yet effective.

Other Pages Every Website Should Have (But you probably didn’t think about)

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service

If you are a business or organization, even a sole proprietor, you legally NEED to have a Privacy Policy and a Cookie Policy. There are some other legal pages that are recommended for certain businesses like shop policies and terms of service.

The main point of these pages is to let your users know how you are handling their information and being 100% transparent about the kind of technology your website uses that may be interacting with their computer.

You’ve probably seen those cookie banners before when you visit a website. It’s the little pop up, usually at the bottom of the screen, that prompts you to click “allow” or “not allow”. If you click allow, it gives permission for the website to gather and store some of your personal information.

privacy policy is required for your website if you collect any type of data from your website users. Data collection could be happening through a contact form, blog comment or email newsletter opt-in form. Your Privacy Policy should explain how your website will collect, process, store, and share consumer data, also how you will protect that data.

While a terms & conditions page isn’t required for all businesses, depending on your type of business and the type of information you have on your website, it’s a good idea to have one. You can include information about your policies and any other disclaimers that your industry might require.

The good news is there are sites like Termly that have free policy generators, as they are pretty standard and you will have to make a few small tweaks.

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer and I recommend you should contact a licensed attorney for any questions or legal advice regarding your website’s compliance.

Legal Page Example

K Design Co.’s Terms of Service page

Search Results

If you have a blog, shop or custom post types anywhere on your website, we also recommend adding add a section for site search and a page to display the search results. By offering this for your readers it makes browsing your site easier and ultimately gives the a better experience. (Psst… Happy customers usually = more sales!)

This is just one example of ways to creatively link areas of your website and create a better user experience.

Search Results Page Example

moyo studio products search results page
The Moyo Studio site + search results page is so clean and organized! ❤️️
The contract shop search page results design
The Contract Shop has some great filtering + search capabilities to showcase their products in an organized way.

404 page/Error Page

Accidents happen. And when they do, use this as an opportunity redirect your visitors. Give them somewhere else to go besides clicking the X button by customizing your 404 error page with some clever copy and links back to your most important website pages.

404 Error Page Examples

K Design co. 404 error page design
K Design Co.’s 404 Error Page
becca showit website template 404 error page
Our Becca Showit website template has a 404 page with some sass we just had to feature!

Coming Soon Page

If you are creating your website for the first time, redesigning, or just tweaking a page or two, it’s a good idea to have a “coming soon” or “maintenance mode” page. This page acts like a curtain, letting visitors know something is coming, but it’s not quite ready yet.

On your coming soon page you can still offer something to your visitors, such as ways for them to contact you, connect on social, and to join your email list so they can be the first to know when everything is ready.

Coming Soon Page Examples

Coming Soon page design from Revolving Revenue

Newsletter Signup Page & Thank You Landing Page

After someone signs up for your email list (and we know they will!) give them somewhere to go afterwards. Creating a simple thank you landing page for users to land on after they signup will also encourage users to stay on your website longer and continue browsing.

Some things you can include on this page:

  • Other related freebies or products
  • Promote upcoming trainings or events
  • Related blog posts
  • Promotion for a featured service

Newsletter / Freebie Page Sign-up Examples

the social bungalow email sign up page
The Social Bungalow’s email sign-up page is a perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.
ellen mackenzie freebie page design
We are feeling the feminine colors + vibes of Ellen Mackenzie’s freebie page design created by Lumina Creative
A short and sweet freebie landing page from our Kimberly Showit template

Sales Landing Page

The purpose of a sales landing page is to offer a targeted offer to a specific customer that leads them further down your marketing funnel (where they will hopefully buy whatever you are selling.) Depending on the offer (free or paid), some landing pages can be very short while others can be very long.

Related Post: 5 Critical Elements to Convert Visitors on Your Sales Page

Usually the higher the price of the offer, the more information and content will need to be covered on your landing page. (This can vary depending on how “warm” or “cold” your audience is.)

Unlike your About Me page, a landing page is where you can, and should, hype yourself up. This is where you can obsess about the details of your product / service and the results that previous clients or buyers have already experienced.

Knowing when to utilize a sales landing page, and what to put on it is crucial. Thankfully, most of the website templates in the K Design Co. Shop have pre-designed landing pages built in, so all you have to do is customize.

Sales Landing Page Examples

Love how organized this layout is and how it covers all the important details you need to know… from Journey to Wellness
A clean and modern layout from Coastal Collective

Pages You Should Add to Your Small Business Website

Resources Page

If you’re a service provider, coach, educator, or similar online provider who has been in business for a few years or more… then I have a hunch that you’ve created so many valuable resources already. Whether it’s freebies, e-books, or other hidden gems, you’ve got the knowledge and it needs to be shared.

Once you have 3 or more successful freebies / resources under your belt, it might be time to showcase them on your website on their own dedicated Resources page to help you really start building that list.

Resources Page Examples

Her First 100K money tools (resources) page
The HerFirst100K resources page is one of our faves. Money tools have never looked so branded and fun thanks to the team at Brand Good Time!
collard design studio resources page example
A simple resources page layout with fun shapes from Collard Design Studio.

Social Media “Bio” or Links Page

If you don’t have a link in your bio…you need one! And although services Linktree and Milkshake make it easy to add links, we think you can do better. With a little more effort you could create your own website for your link in bio that gives you more creative control and doesn’t cost anything extra.

By making your own links page for social media as a page on your website it keeps everything on brand, you have more creative freedom, and it gives you a unique and professional look.

“Link in Bio” Page Examples

Will give you one guess whose Link in Bio page this is 😉
Bold + bright Link in Bio page for brand designer Victoria Stefania

Quiz Page

Looking for a way to grow your email list and drive traffic to your website that isn’t like everybody else? The answer: a quiz! This interactive type of freebie has helped K Design Co. and our clients grow email subscribers by the thousands!

We love Interact*, and have made multiple quizzes that are a key part of our marketing strategy. What we love most about it, is that it’s easy to use and easy to integrate into all your other systems.

Speaking of quizzes… We’ve got one here, if you’re interested to find out which one of our website templates is a good fit for you! 😉

website template quiz page

Brand Guide

Brownie points go to you if you have a brand guide on your website. This is a special page just for you to reference key elements about your brand to ensure everything you create online is on-brand and consistent.

Your branding is important, and if you worked with a designer to establish it, then you know the importance of maintaining consistent branding across all platforms. Remembering all the font names, color codes and best practices can be hard. But what if you had a page, only available to you, that you could pull up easily to reference when you need it?

Good news, you can! No matter what website platform you’re using this should be relatively easy to create and is super valuable to have. That’s why we also started including a brand guide in all of our Showit templates too 😉

Need help figuring out what website pages you need for your business? This is a key part of planning our client’s websites that we include in every project!

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