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4 Benefits of Using Website Design Templates for Your Biz

Jun 25, 2024

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One of my favorite business shortcuts is using templates… Templates for IG or Pinterest graphics, canned emails, proposals, copywriting… There are business templates for nearly everything you can imagine under the sun.

Templates are a smart choice for business owners because they streamline tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on money-generating activities (…as it should be). So why should using a template for your website be any different?

With a professional website design template, you get a tested & pre-built design that allows you to easily customize it to your style and needs, meaning you can launch your site faster. Win-win.

If you’re still hesitant about using a template for your website, let’s address the big elephant in the room.

Is it OK to use a website design template for my business?

As a business owner, I get it. You may be worried that using a website template over a fully-custom website can make you seem less professional or less invested in your business. You want to look legit in front of your dream clients, and not look like everyone else with the same easily recognizable design.

Well, I have good news for you. The website design templates of the 2020’s are a new breed, and when done right, no one will even know your site was based on a template. 🤫

The amount of money you spend on your website, doesn’t make your business more legit or put a cap on your ability to see success. I’ve seen template-based sites that bring in more revenue than custom designed ones (and vice versa). The things that will actually make your site successful are your messaging, your traffic, and creating a good user experience for your visitors. (These things can be achieved with a template website or a custom site.)

Now that that is out of the way…

The Pros of Using Website Design Templates

01. Website templates save you time (duh!)

You’ve got checklists to check, places to go and Zoom meetings to attend, so I’m guessing you don’t have a ton of free-time in your day to mess-around with creating a whole entire website or figuring out what should go on it. Sure, you could code or put together something from scratch yourself, but don’t kid yourself… most people don’t have the time (or the desire) to learn how to do that.

As someone who has hand-coded websites from scratch and built hundreds of them custom, from the ground up, I’ll tell you that it can take anywhere from 50 to 100+ hours depending on how complicated your site is. (And that’s with a professional doing it, so I wonder how long it would take if you also have to research everything in the process? Yikes!)

With a template, you can skip all that and head directly to GO to collect your $200 instead. Our Showit website templates allow you to customize your design in as little as weekend so you can have a whole beautiful website in less time than it takes to binge watch your fave new Netflix series.

Or you can have the best of both worlds and get a little assistance with professional website template customization in less than a week 🤯.

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02. They can save you serious moolah

Even though we offer custom website designs for businesses with more complex needs, a custom website isn’t cheap and isn’t for everyone. If you are a new business owner with only a year or less under your belt, I’m going to bet you aren’t ready to shell over thousands for your site.

Recognize this template? 👀

Of course, you should look at your website as an investment, but I’m a big advocate of only making smart investments and don’t think that should include going into debt to create a custom website that costs more than you bring in in revenue.

If you’re in this boat, instead, you can make a smaller, less risky investment in a website design template. Instead of thousands, you can spend hundreds. Some templates are even free!

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03. They can save your sanity (for real!)

One of the hardest parts about making your own website, is all the frustration that comes with getting things set up on the technical end. You have to consider your domain, your hosting provider, your CMS and whole other slew of yucky-tech things. If you find the right website design template, this process can be made way easier.

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A good website template will do the heavy-lifting for you, especially if it includes thorough documentation and chat support. This is one of the reasons, our customers love our Showit website templates which work with Showit* hosting! Showit’s hosting service is super reliable and their real-live human support team will take care of you if you run into any issues.

(Not sure about you, but we aren’t a fan of talking with lame chat bots when our website launch is on the line.)

Coming from a designer you love, you can rest assured that, even with a website template, you will have a professional and beautiful website to put out in the world.

04. They can save you (precious) energy

Inevitably, you’ll want to update your site as your business grows and making changes shouldn’t require you to learn a whole new coding language. Making edits should be easy and we do our best at K Design Co. to make sure that’s true with our step-by-step tutorials.

With all the design elements already in place for you in your template, including text boxes, headings, and photos, all you have to do is add your brand colors, logos and other elements and you’re good to go! 

A lot of template designers (HI, me!) also offer free and paid support options after a template purchase so you aren’t left hanging if you need a little extra help. 

Showit Website Brand Assets Screen

Website Design Template Examples

Need some website design template inspiration? We’ve got some that we think you’ll love 😉

Showite Template for Coaches & Course Creators

Our best selling template is built for growing businesses and ambitious people. With the newest Shop add-on it’s easier than ever to launch the digital product you’ve been working on.

Showit Template for Personal Brands & Experts

The Jenny template recently got an upgrade with additional pages, resources, and a more modern look. People are already calling it “the template I’ve been searching for.”

Showit Template for Content Creators

With the Becca template, you’ll be sure to stand out online. Get the matching social media templates too for a well-rounded brand everyone will be envious of.

WordPress Website Templates

Template by Hearten Made

This WordPress template comes with 2 homepage options and a FAQ section to make your template customization super easy from the get-go.

Theme by Wunduri

We love the simplicity and subtlety of this template, that is also very budget friendly at $39 on Creative Market!

Template by Pix and Hue

Pix and Hue offers a large selection of vibrant WordPress themes, including this one, where you also have the option, with a separate purchase, to receive the theme with a customs script font.

Squarespace Templates

Template by Arch&Gold

With this Squarespace website template you get two designs in one, with access to light or dark page options as well as editable Canva graphics.

Template by Big Cat Creative

Big Cat Creative is a reputable Squarespace template designer with over 7000 templates sold and when you purchase a template from them you also get a 6 month free trial to Squarespace!

Template by The Coast Kit

For those who need to showcase images, The Coast Kit creates dreamy and refreshing Squarespace templates for photographers, service providers, and hopeless romantics.

Have you considered buying a website design template for your business recently? What’s stopping you from making the purchase? Let me know in the comments!

PS. Too many choices? Get matched with your perfect template in the K Design Co. shop, just take the quiz!

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