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3 “So-Worth-It” Benefits of Using Website Design Templates

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Kristin Pruis



You’re a smart and savvy boss so I know you can appreciate learning about shortcuts in business – you know, those little tricks that help you work smarter and not harder? One of my favorite business shortcuts is using templates.

It would be pretty time-consuming to reinvent the wheel every time you created something new – whether it’s a workflow, your social media graphics, or that fresh face of makeup you wear when you show up to meet your clients. You start with what you know works and then you tweak it for the occasion, right?

That’s why templates have become so popular in the past 5 years for use on everything from IG stories to FB Cover Photos, and even websites. When you buy a professional website design template, you get a tested & proven framework in a pretty package that allows you to easily customize it to your tastes and needs.

Here are some of my favorite benefits to using a template for your website:

01. Website Design Templates Save You Time

You’ve got work to do, places to go and people to see so I’m guessing you don’t have a ton of free-time in your day to mess-around with creating a whole entire website or figuring out what should go on it. Sure, you could code something from scratch yourself but who’s got time to learn how to do that?

As someone who has actually hand-coded several websites from scratch, I’ll tell you that it can take anywhere from 20 to 100 hours depending on how complicated your site is. Instead, with a template, you can customize the design in as little as an hour two and have a whole beautiful website in less time it takes to get a mani/pedi. Sign me up, #amIright?

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02. Website Design Templates Save You Money

Even though I proudly offer custom website designs as a high-tier offering, I’ll be truthful – a custom website isn’t cheap and isn’t for everyone. If you are a boss in the beginnings of your business with only a year or so under your belt, I’m going to bet you aren’t ready to shell over thousands for your site.

Of course, you should look at your website as an investment, but I’m a big advocate of only making smart investments and that should never include going into debt to create a custom website that costs more than you bring in in revenue. If you’re in this boat, instead, you can make a smaller, less risky investment in a website design template. Instead of thousands, you can spend hundreds. Some templates are even free (mind you, I can’t vouch for their quality, but you get the idea)! Are you a believer yet?

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03. Website Design Templates Save You Frustration

One of the hardest parts about making your own website, is all the frustration that comes with getting things set up on the technical end. You have to consider your domain, your hosting provider, your CMS and whole other slew of things. If you find the right website design template, you don’t have to struggle with getting your site up and running.

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A good website template will do the heavy-lifting for you, especially if it includes thorough documentation and chat support. This is one of the reasons, I love Showit website design templates!! Their hosting service is  super reliable and their support team will take care of launching your site for you!

Have you considered buying a website design template for your business recently? What’s stopping you from making the purchase? Let me know in the comments!

PS. If you are looking for a gorgeous website template for your business, I’ve got something just for you. Check out my new website template shop!

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