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How to Create an Inspiring About Me Page with Examples

Feb 8, 2024

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If you’re neglecting this one page on your website, it could be costing you clients (and we know that’s the last thing you want). If you guessed your About Me page, you’d be correct!

For service providers, having a well-crafted and thorough About Me page is more important than ever.

According to a study by KoMarketing, 52% of people want to see a company’s “About” page. That’s why it’s essential to spend time writing your About page content carefully, ensuring that your visitors can get to know you and your values. This will help them feel confident and excited about scheduling a discovery call or signing a contract. 

Long story short: An About Me page is critical to your website.  

Why create an About Me page?

As a service provider, your About Me page design is important because it’s where you first start to build trust with your audience and potential customers. People who are searching for someone they can connect with behind the screen, especially when they plan to make a big investment.

With the use of AI becoming so prominent and thousands of service providers to choose from, you can no longer “phone in” your About page text by copying and pasting Chat GPT-generated copy.

Your About Me page needs to to show off your personality, which means you have to write the content in a way that actually sounds like you. Your copy should be a reflection of your expertise, unique point of view and the special sauce that might not be readily recognizable from a more traditional resume or portfolio.

With the right messaging and copywriting finesse, your About Me page can help attract your ideal client and even get more eyes on your website through SEO.

What makes a good About Me page?

You might be surprised to hear, we don’t think your About Me page should be all about you. While it is your chance to make a memorable statement, a good About Me page on your website will strike a balance between content that is actually “about” you and your company and content that is about your ideal client.

When it comes to writing content for your About Me page, you want to focus on the real and genuine aspects of you and your business that makes it unique. That means you can ditch the boilerplate spiels and instead lead with authentic conversation and storytelling to connect with your audience.

As you write your page, find ways to weave in phrases that will be relatable for your audience to keep them reading. When someone reads your About page, they should feel “seen” instead of being preached at about how great you are.

What should you include in your About Me page?

There are several elements that you can include on your About Me page to give it your own special spin.

At minimum I would suggest including:

  • A headshot / photo of you – this is so critical for making that initial connection
  • Who you serve – make this clear and as specific as possible
  • A short bio of your background, education and qualifications (written in non-gimmicky, first person)
  • What makes you unique – what makes you tick, what drives you, what is your unique back story
  • A call to action to learn more about your services or work with you

You can take your About Me page content even further by adding additional content.

Here are some other “bonus” elements you might consider adding to your About page:

  • Your values, mission and vision statement
  • Bios + photos of team members or associates
  • Fun facts
  • Your signature process (or secret sauce)
  • Awards or media features
  • A short and fun intro video

If figuring out the different elements you should include on your About page feels overwhelming, you could choose to start with a website template. Using a template will give you guidance, not only on how to format your About page, but also a good length for your content, how to add images for additional interest and overall what the structure should look like.

Tips for writing an About Me page

1. Get clear on your values and mission statement

Since the driving force behind your About Me page are the words on the screen, focus on your copy first and the design second. If you aren’t already crystal clear on your ideal customer, values, mission and positioning statement, that is the best place to start. Knowing this information will help you write copy that speaks to your ICA in a way that resonates and connects below the surface.

2. Use storytelling

If you want to add a little bit of storytelling into your About Me page, make sure you choose the right story to tell. A moment from your life that is relatable, personal (but not too personal), and also has clear ties to your business journey. It could be the AHA moment that made you quit your job and start your business, a great experience with a client, or an embarrassing moment with a lesson learned.

If you really want to include a relatable analogy or anecdote but feel like you don’t have anything to share, remember the best stories aren’t necessarily the ones with the craziest endings. They are the ones that other people can relate to, and the ones that have made an impact on our lives, no matter how seemingly mundane.

3. Work with a copywriter

Most of us aren’t professional wordsmiths or writers. Don’t let this hold you back. There is no shame in working with a copywriter to help you write your About Me page… that’s quite literally their job! A good copywriter will know how to take your background and expertise and sprinkle in their magic to polish up your bio into something worthy of praise. (Shoutout to one of our favorite website copywriters, Kathy Young at Rekindle Communications.)

4. Don’t forget your personal voice

Remember when you had to write that high-school essay and your teacher encouraged you to develop your own personal voice? Well your About Me page is the perfect time to let that voice shine. If you don’t know how to find your personal voice, try saying your copy out-loud and recording yourself to see where there are opportunities to make your writing sound more like you!

About Me page examples

Here are some About Me pages that did an amazing job of communicating their unique personality that I think you will find inspiring too: 

Living Well by Jen

We love this section of Living Well by Jen’s About Me page that gives a quick overview of who she serves, and how she serves them. The tone of her business is clearly portrayed in this section and is a good example of how choosing the right words can attract the right customers.

PSST. This was one of our custom website projects!

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield about me page

We love how Amy Porterfield’s About Me page sucks us right in with a clear and dazzling headshot. Right away, we get a face to the name. She shares some impressive stats about her business without making it the focal point and uses “You” instead of “I” statements to make the reader feel more involved.

Jessica Jordana

Take some advice from a copywriter in practice, Jessica Jordana shares an emotional story about her past as a teacher, and how this moment helped shaped her as a copywriter. We appreciate when people share these types of stories because it shows growth and lets us in on the person behind the screen.

Anna Vatuone

Anna is a personal branding expert whose storytelling on Tik Tok has taken the world by storm. Her About me page proves her well rounded expertise in personal branding as everything about her brand connects so well. You’ll be scrolling right through to the end of her intimate and captivating About Me page, trust us!

Your Soulcialmate

If applicable, a great addition to your About Me page is including media features. Kristin Bousquet, the creator monetization coach behind Your Soulcialmate, listed her multiple features in different publications and podcasts. This is great for business owners like coaches because it helps to establish authority within their niche.

Tricia Tzikas & Company

Tricia’s About Me page is a great example of catering your brand values to your ideal client. Her brand values, in a way, state how she can help her clients, by helping them create systems and strategies that work for their business to give them back their time. The photos and colors are also so fun and inviting.

Tell Tale Design

Tell Tale Design does two things well with this section of their About Me page. They keep it simple where it doesn’t need to be flashy, and they are sticking to their brand values by sharing partners they frequently work.

Marie Forleo

I know we said your About Me page shouldn’t be all about you…but sometimes you just have to brag. In this section of Marie’s About Me page she takes the time to share her fascinating achievements and successes but in a way that let’s others know, they can do it too.

K Design Co.

The K Design Co. website recently got a major facelift and we love this section of our new About Me page. Toward the bottom we added some fun facts about our founder and designer, Kristin, to get to know her better. This is a low-stakes way of adding more info about you that does not involve writing a whole paragraph.

The TLDR version of About Me page tips

Now that you’ve seen some of the best About Me pages I could dig up, are you feeling like yours needs an update? Just remember, when it comes to a great About Me page:

  • Be yourself 100% (helps create a connection)
  • Find a way to stand out (helps make you memorable)
  • Tell your ideal client know why your biz is the right move for them (helps to make a purchase decision)

Looking for a website template complete with an About Me page that will help you and your business shine? Check out the shop!

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