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9 Inspiring “About Me” Pages That Will Make You Rethink Yours

Aug 1, 2021

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What is, arguably, one of the most important pages on your website? The About Me page! If you check your website analytics, I bet you’ll find that your About page is one of the most visited pages on your website apart from your homepage.

That’s why it’s essential to spend time crafting your About page content carefully, ensuring that your visitors can get to know enough you before they schedule that discovery call or trust you enough to sign a contract. 

Long story short: Don’t neglect your About Me page. Take the time to really make it stand out and show how and why you can help your ideal clients. 

What makes a good “About Me” page?

Surprisingly, your “About Me” page should not be all about you. While it is your chance to make a bold statement, a good “About Me” page on your website will strike a good balance between content that is actually “about” you and your company, with content that is about your ideal client.

When it comes to writing content for your “About Me” page, you want to focus on the real and genuine aspects of you and your business that makes it unique. That means you can ditch the boilerplate spiels and instead lead with authentic conversation and storytelling to connect with your audience.

As you write your page, find ways to weave in phrases that will be relatable for your audience to keep them reading. When someone reads your About page, they should feel “seen” instead of being preached at about how great you are.

What should you include on your “About Me page?

There are several elements that you can include on your “About Me” page to give it your own special spin.

At minimum I would suggest including:

  • A headshot / photo of you – this is so critical for making that initial connection
  • Who you serve – make this clear and as specific as possible
  • A short bio of your background, education and qualifications (written in non-gimmicky, first person)
  • What makes you unique – what makes you tick, what drives you, what is your unique back story
  • A call to action to learn more about your services or work with you

You can take your “About Me” page even further by adding additional content.

Here are some other “bonus” elements you might consider adding to your About page:

  • Your values, mission and vision statement
  • Bios + photos of team members or associates
  • Fun facts
  • Your signature process (or secret sauce)
  • Awards or media features

If figuring out the different elements you should include on your About page feels overwhelming, you could choose to start with a website template. Using a template will give you guidance, not only on how to format your About page, but also a good length for your content, how to add images for additional interest and overall what the structure should look like.

Our favorite About Me page examples

Here are some of the best about me pages I found that did an amazing job of communicating their unique personality that I think you will find inspiring too: 

Wit & Wire

What’s great about this page is the balance between sharing personality traits, and the benefits of booking her as your coach. She effortlessly blends the professional and personal aspects of her business onto the page. We love the cool coffee cup video (it makes us feel right at home), and the strong calls to action at the end. 

Emma Mumford

What you say on your About Me page is important, but so are the details! This page should be a reflection of your personality, just like Emma Mumfords. She shares about her business ventures through testimonials and short blurbs which are easy to digest and give a well-rounded picture of who she is. The subtle animations also caught our eye and the glitter and gold touches throughout add even more to her story.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield about me page

Amy’s about page is structured around her personal story of leaving her corporate job to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship. The page communicates her struggles and successes, making her journey relatable and inspiring to her audience. We also love the large timeline design on the page that visually tells Amy’s story from where she started to where she is now.

Jessica Jordana

Of course, a copywriter would have a heartwarming and enticing About Me page… I mean she kinda has to! Right away it’s clear how she can help your business, and then she dives into the fun facts. Keep scrolling down the page to check out her oh-so-cute quiz and I promise, by the bottom of the page, you’ll feel as if you are already BFFs. 

The Slay Coach

Everything about Jamie’s bold and sassy brand catches your eye immediately. We are 100% here for her About Me page, created with her perfect soulmate clients in mind – that is, passionate creatives and coaches who aren’t afraid of a well-placed expletive or two. Jamie’s personality is oozing all over the page with the graphics, photos, AND her message — It’s clear she is showing up as herself and is fully embracing what makes her unique as an asset to her clients.

Cait Scudder

What we love about this page are the photos! They are fun and vibrant and you really feel as if you get a candid picture of who Cait is as a person. The sections are big and bold and nicely spaced out, causing you to want to scroll all the way to the bottom to read every line. 

Rebel Office

Unlike the other pages, this one features an entire team. This About Me page focuses on the company as a whole, and has a short blurb about the CEO, with an adorable This or That section. You can tell this team are a true tribe of friends and will welcome you as a client with open arms. We love how they included a little podcast blurb at the bottom too! 

Tell Tale Design

Right away, she keeps it real by telling you how she started her business and how it’s grown. The scrolling feature of fun facts is so unique and the small profiles of every designer give you a glimpse of who they are without feeling like another boring About Me page. 

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo About page design

Marie Forleo’s about page is written like a love letter straight from her to her audience. Her down-to-earth personality comes through in the copy and in the video on the page, which helps to establish a connection with the reader.

The page clearly communicates Marie’s mission to help people create a business and life they love, and highlights her accomplishments and credentials as a coach, speaker, and author. The page also features a large and striking hero image of Marie, which captures the viewer’s attention right away.

The TLDR version of About Me page tips

Now that you’ve seen some of the best About Me pages I could dig up, are you feeling like yours needs an update? (I know I am!) Just remember, when it comes to a great About Me page:

  • Be yourself 100% (helps create a connection)
  • Find a way to stand out (helps make you memorable)
  • Tell your ideal client know why your biz is the right move for them (helps to make a purchase decision)

Looking for a website template complete with an About Me page that will help you and your business shine? Check out the shop!

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