The Best Program to Design a Logo - It's Not What You Think!
best program to design a logo

The Best Program to Design a Logo – It’s Not What You Think!

If you’ve been thinking you are finally ready to dive in and design a logo, you may have wondered what’s the best app, tool or program to use. If you hop into any one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of for bloggers or entrepreneurs, I’ll guarantee you that 95% of users will tell you that either Canva or Photoshop is the best tool for this.

While Canva is a great tool for a lot of things, here’s why Canva is not the best tool to design a logo. Canva is a tool built for non-designers. It can help you make basic graphics that you might use on social media or your website, but it was never designed to be a replacement for sophisticated design software that you need to create detailed and customized graphics like logos.

Hold the phone – Canva isn’t good for logos?!

Not only does Canva lack the ability to output the proper vector-based file format that is widely used for professionally-designed logos, but it also severely limits your creative options and the ability to design a logo that is truly unique. It’s easy to be swept away by their library of beautiful templates, but do you really want your brand to look like everyone else’s? Think about it. Everyone who creates their logo in Canva is using those same templates and chances are there is someone if not loads of people out there, with a logo that looks just like yours. How are you supposed to stand out if you look the same? So – long story short. Can you use Canva to make a logo – yes? Should you? Probably not.

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So, what about Adobe Photoshop?

Isn’t it pretty sophisticated design software? Well yes, it is, but when you are ready to design a logo, this is not the best tool for the job either. Photoshop was made for photo editing and photo manipulation of photographs. Do you see a pattern here? Like the word photo? Meaning, – not for graphics! Graphics are simple solid shapes and illustrations with limited colors that can be created in a vector format whereas photos are made up of tiny little pixels and millions of colors.

You might be thinking – “Hey! I designed my logo in Photoshop and it looks pretty chic!” I am definitely not saying your logo isn’t good, but I am saying when it comes time to edit or print your logo out, you might have a more difficult time to get the results you want. It’s much harder to maintain a small file size when using Photoshop for graphics as compared to other programs built for graphics creation and when you print your logo there’s a good chance it will come out fuzzier than you expect if you don’t know how to size it right. In my opinion, it’s also just a bit of a pain to make and edit simple elements like lines and shapes in Photoshop unless you are a wizard with the pen tool. All that’s unnecessary if you just use the right program to design your logo in the first place.

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Are you ready for it?

So are you ready to know what the best tool is to design a logo? **Queue Drumroll** Look no further than Photoshop’s sister program, Adobe Illustrator!

You asked for the best and I’m telling you – Adobe Illustrator is the best program to design a logo! Why is it the best? It’s not the graphics program of choice for professional designers for no reason – It’s packed with tons of awesome tools to help you turn simple shapes into sophisticated designs that create a memorable brand for your business.

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This program was built for graphics specifically and using it to design your logo is going to save you so much time and spare you a ton of headaches! While there is a learning curve to the software itself, I don’t feel that should impact your consideration because there is a learning curve for any software you use. All of it will be worth it because you will end up with a better quality logo and more creative design in the end – guaranteed.

What do you think? What program did you use to design your logo? Let me know in the comments! Need help to design a beautiful custom logo for your biz? Shoot me a message!

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Kristin Pruis  •  September 27, 2018

  1. Danielle says:

    I would have never thought that this program would be the best to design a logo! I am actually looking to design one so this is super useful to me!

  2. This is a great post. I definitely used Canva for my logo, but I understand why you would recommend otherwise. I’ll have to check out this adobe illustrator. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion- i waw about to start working on upgrading my logo and never even looked at Illustrator woo

  4. Purwa says:

    It’s a definite good read. I always thought that y would people use canvas for logo design and you have mentioned the right reasons!

  5. Karmen K says:

    I knew this was coming lol! I learned this about the difference in vector and pixels about a year ago and I barely open Photoshop. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip!

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