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27 Unique Google Font Pairings to Use on Your Website

May 24, 2022

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Google fonts is one of the most user friendly and abundant databases out there for free fonts. But with so many font options out there and rules around finding web safe fonts and being in accordance with font licenses, it can be intimidating to search for fonts on your own.

Rest assured! Any Google Font you choose is acceptable for print, digital, or commercial projects. To save you from hours of scrolling through the hundreds of fonts on the Google Fonts website, check out these 27 unique Google Font combinations already put together for you!

Playfair Display + Nanum Gothic font pairing
Playfair Display + Nanum Gothic

Playfair Display* is a classic serif font that can do no wrong and pairs well with a simple and understated sans-serif, such as Nanum Gothic.

Vidaloka + Raleway font pairing
Vidaloka + Raleway

These two fonts* are subtly unique in their own way, which is why they are the perfect pair.

Abel + Ms Madi Google font combination
Abel + Ms Madi

Looking for a really unusual pair? Opposites attract in this case. The all-business tone of Abel needs the playful curves of a font like Ms Madi to balance it out.

Prata + Alex Brush Google font pairing
Prata + Alex Brush

Prata* is another Google font that is strong yet classy, which is why it needs to be paired with a fun but clean script font like Alex Brush.*

Secular One + Quicksand Light Google font pairing
Secular One + Quicksand Light

A bold sans-serif, such as Secular One*, is complimented so well by the modern lines of Quicksand Light.*

Nixie One + Dela Gothic One Google font pairing
Nixie One + Dela Gothic One

Nixie one reminds us of the quirky girl next door, who has that unique handwriting we all adore. She needs a bestie who’s a little more put together but still brings out the best in her, such as Dela Gothic One.

Libre Bodoni + Parisienne Google font pairing
Libre Bodoni + Parisienne

Google fonts specializes in serif and san serif fonts, so Parisienne* is a hidden gem that you need to add to your toolbox! The swooping calligraphy strokes soften the hard-edged serifs of Libre Bodoni.

EB Garamond + Montserrat Google font pairing
EB Garamond + Montserrat

Montserrat is a designer favorite across the board, and for a good reason. It is available in a range of font weights from thin to extra bold. EB Garamond provides its own subtly classic flair that helps balance this timeless duo.

Anek Latin + Noto Serif Google font pairing
Anek Latin + Noto Serif

Like a vanilla and chocolate swirl or peanut butter and jelly – A delicate font like Anek Latin combines so well with a serif font such as Noto Serif.

DM Serif Display + Poppins Google Font Pairings
DM Serif Display + Poppins

The beautiful calligraphic strokes on DM Serif Display* and the thin stokes on Poppins* create a stylish and irresistible combo. These two fonts are used our Kerry Showit website template if you want to see them in action!

Arimo + Newsreader Google Font pairing
Arimo + Newsreader

One look was all it took to fall in love with Newsreader (in italics, specifically). That’s why we paired it with Arimo. Yes it’s bold, but it doesn’t take away from the main attraction.

Homemade Apple + Palanquin Light Google font pairing
Homemade Apple + Palanquin Light

If you have a Canva account, then you’ve seen, and probably used Homemade Apple. It’s a perfect font to get that handwritten look. By now you know the drill – a unique font like this needs to be paired with a simpler aesthetic, such as what Palanquin Light offers.

Allura + Montagu Slab Google font pairing
Allura + Montagu Slab

Allura* is a classic cursive script that has that feminine handwriting touch. Pair it with a more masculine font such as Montagu Slab, for one happy family.

Zen Antique + Radio Canada Google font pairing
Zen Antique + Radio Canada

Zen Antique is so perfectly named, it reminds us of vintage typewriters and secondhand shops. Ironic it’s match is Radio Canada? Old meets new!

Cormorant Garamond Bold + Quattrocentro Sans Google Font Pairing
Cormorant Garamond Bold + Quattrocentro Sans

Looking for a more traditional style? These Google fonts just flow so well on their own…so, why not put them together?

Gowun Batang + Alegreya Sans Google Font Pairing
Gowun Batang + Alegreya Sans

We love the subtle yet distinct design choices in Alegreya Sans that sets it apart from other fonts. And Gowun Bantang is so clean and pretty, whats not to love?

Fraunces + Bellota Text Google Font Pairing
Fraunces + Bellota Text

Aren’t these two cute togehter? Fraunces and Bellota Text together give off the look and feeling of a perfectly packaged present under the Christmas tree.

Shirkhand + Zen Loop Google Font pairing
Shirkhand + Zen Loop

These two fonts are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually a red flag, but in this case…it works?

Anybody + Oooh Baby Google Font Pairing
Anybody + Oooh Baby

Similarly, these two typefaces are almost too alike! But if you look close enough, they are sisters, not twins and that is an important distinction that makes this such a fun font pairing.

Farro + Encode Sans Google font pairing
Farro + Encode Sans

A royal pair – don’t these two just look so noble? Try this look on for size if you are a fashion or jewelry brand.

Vollkorn + Whisper Google Font Pairing
Vollkorn + Whisper

Out of all the Google font pairings here, this is a personal fav! These fonts were taken right out of a childhood storybook, where the good guys win and everyone is happy.

Alata + Lateef Google Font Pairing
Alata + Lateef

Who can resist a good sans-serif + serif font combination? Alata has a modern style we think is the perfect partner for this Times New Roman look-alike, Lateef.

Elsie + Heebo Google font pairing
Elsie + Heebo

Looking for a Google font duo with a girlish flair? Elsie and Heebo are an adorable match that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Need some girly brand colors to complete the vibe? Check out these color palettes.

Forum + Waterfall Google Font pairing
Forum + Waterfall

Another pair right out of a fairytale book! Take your website visitors on an adventure with these classic aesthetic fonts ready to steal the spotlight.

Praise + Alumni Sans Google font pairing
Praise + Alumni Sans

Praise reflects the calligraphy hand we wish we could all master in real life and Alumni Sans has the meticulous and perfect lines we also wish we could master in real life…with a ruler.

Otomanopee One + MuseoModerno Google Font Pairing
Otomanopee One + MuseoModerno

Who says work and play can’t mix? Not only are the names of these fonts enjoyable and lively, the look of them is too! Use with caution.

*also available in Canva.

You’ve looked at all the font pairings…now what?

Whew! So many fonts to choose from, but if you’re like us you could look through fonts all day long. If Google Fonts aren’t you’re thing and you are a Canva girl all the way through, check these out.

If all these options are overwhelming you, start from the beginning. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Brand Fonts (and how to choose the right ones), then come back to this post when you are ready to make a decision.

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