Celebrate Your Wins to Help You Reach Your Business Goals Faster
celebrate your wins to reach your goals faster

Celebrate Your Wins to Help You Reach Your Business Goals Faster


Kristin Pruis



When someone gives you a compliment are you quick to shrug it off or do you take a moment to fully appreciate their kind words? While I’m a firm believer that humility is a virtue to aspire to, I also strongly believe that you should still celebrate your wins along the way, personally and professionally.

It’s a fact that when you want to reach a big goal, you’ll be more successful in reaching it if you break it up into smaller steps or milestones. How does this work?

celebrate your business wins

When you set a big goal, it’s easy to start thinking that it will be near impossible to achieve. This kind of negativity sabotages you before you even get started. The problem is it’s not clear how you you can get from the point you are now to the finish line. However, when you give yourself a smaller checkpoint, your brain can start to connect the dots a little easier.

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What does this have to do with celebrating your wins? Let’s say you make a commitment to celebrate each and every win in your business, big and small. This could be anything from landing a new client to taking a day of well-deserved time-off to allow your brain to recharge. Think of this as mini stepping stones to your achieving your big goal. When you take the time to celebrate these wins, you solidify the notion that even the smallest victory is in fact, a forward progression to your goal.

Celebrate your wins

Ever heard of the saying, “Believe it and you can achieve it”? This is the concept behind this practice and it truly works. So next time you have a big goal in your business, I want you to do 3 things:

  1. Break your goal down into 3 mini milestones that you can work towards. You can even draw it out as a map if it helps you visualize your achievements.
  2. Give your big goal and your 3 mini goals each a deadline. If you don’t hit them, you aren’t going to feel defeated, you’re going to rework them and give them a new timeline.
  3. Celebrate each victory. You don’t have to throw a full-on party for each and every success but you should give some kind of acknowledgement. That could be buying yourself a special treat, sleeping in an extra hour or making a post announcing your win on social media.

What big goals do you have for your business in the coming year? How do you like to celebrate your wins? Let me know in the comments!

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