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6 Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Revenue in 2021

Mar 1, 2021

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It seems like with more and more people doing business online, digital marketing is hotter than it’s ever been. But digital marketing covers a huge range of topics and keeping up with all the terms and best practices can feel like a never-ending race. You might be wondering if it’s a race you even want to be a part of…

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That’s why in this post, I’m diving in deep and sharing some of my favorite digital marketing tactics that I’ve used that have helped me grow my business. We’re going to go beyond just basic definitions and talk about how you can implement them as a part of your strategic marketing to create a massive impact on your business’s bottom line. Let’s dive right in!

Value Ladder

A value ladder involves creating different products/services at increasing pricepoints and value so that you can serve your clients and customers at all stages of the buyer journey.

For example, if I only offer custom website design, because of the higher price-point, this is usually only an investment that established businesses make. But what about all those people who want to work with me who can’t afford a custom website but could afford a related product or service that gives them a subset of the value I offer for my custom 1-1 clients? Should I just tell them tough luck or could I, instead, create a product or service that fills that gap? Serving my audience more fully and making money at the same time sounds like a win-win to me.

So now my value ladder looks something like this now:

Website Templates ($359) < Custom Websites ($8,900)

There’s still quite a gap here so let’s explore what bridging the value between my high and low offering would look like. I recently decided to offer a 1-Day website service where I customize one of my website templates, so it is essentially a hybrid offering of working with me 1-1 based on one of my templates to expedite the service. Now my value ladder looks something like this:

Website Templates ($359) < Hybrid Offer ($2,495) <  Custom Websites ($8,900)

At its core, I’m still selling websites but each rung of my ladder provides a different level of value to the end customer. I could fill my value ladder out even more by adding additional services or products on both ends of the ladder. Do you absolutely have to have a value ladder to succeed in business – well no, but I guarantee by putting one in place that is strategically aligned to your core product and audience, you’ll increase your revenue undoubtedly and I have the numbers to prove it. In 2020, I added website templates to my product offerings and made a cool $10K in passive revenue. In 2021, I am projecting triple that, if not more.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an entry-level resource used to attract leads to the top of your buyer’s funnel. Usually, a lead magnet is some kind of freebie download or training that you offer on your website, but it can also be an Interact quiz, webinar, or template. Since a lead magnet is usually free, the goal is not to make money from it directly but to grow your audience and get them acquainted with your expertise so that you can nurture them into customers.

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Email Sequence

An email sequence is usually an automated series of emails sent to a specific set of your subscribers that is set off by some kind of trigger. A common trigger to initiate an email sequence is when someone opts-in to your email list to gain access to a freebie download that you offer on your website.

Email sequences are a great way to educate and qualify your subscribers in small amounts over a period of time. Most email sequences have at least 3-5 emails, but some have 10 or more. It all depends on what your goal is for your email sequence. Each email in your sequence should serve a specific function ie. add to your credibility, help your subscribers get to know you, educate about a complex topic, promoting a new offer, etc. 

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing and email sequences go hand-in-hand but it’s possible to do one without the other. Lead nurturing is all about taking a potential client from a cold to hot lead: that is someone who vaguely knows who you are to someone who is ready to buy from you. Using email sequences is one way to warm up a prospect but lead nurturing can take place on virtually any platform, or even in person.

The core idea of lead nurturing is to move a prospect through a buyer’s funnel, that is from:

  1. Awareness (top of funnel) >
  2. Consideration (middle of the funnel) >
  3. Purchase (bottom of the funnel)

Different stages of the buyer’s funnel call for different types of communication and knowing the differences is critical towards successfully nurturing your leads to clients.

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Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is similar to a buyer’s funnel but it’s less conceptual and more about the actual logistics of facilitating a lead’s level of engagement with your business. In your marketing funnel, you can offer upsells and downsells related to your core offering through the use of sales pages, shopping cart software, and emails. 

For example, if someone opts-in to a free training I have on my website, I give them the option to purchase one of my digital products at a discounted price. If they decide they want to go ahead and purchase that offering, I can upsell them with another potential higher-value product that’s related. Just like a value ladder, a marketing funnel can help you increase your overall revenue, but it does so by increasing the lifetime value of an individual customer vs simply opening up your audience to invite more customers in.

Organic Traffic

AKA free traffic AKA getting visitors to your website without having to pay for ads. Working to build your organic website traffic is definitely a long-term play but if done correctly, it has the potential to become your highest traffic referral source. I’m well on my way in 2021 and have seen the benefits of what consistent blogging and paying attention to SEO can do firsthand.

Even if you have all these other great marketing tactics in place—email sequences, lead magnets, and funnels—at the end of the day, they aren’t going to do anything for your business if you have no traffic. 

That’s where building your organic traffic comes into play. My favorite digital marketing tactic and way to build my organic traffic volume is by consistently blogging. Every blog I publish creates a new page on my website and another opportunity for my potential customers to find me from search. It also builds my clout with Google and increases my site’s association and relevancy for topics I am trying to rank for. Best of all, through analytics, I can see where organic traffic has led directly to increased conversions on my website that I can tie an actual dollar amount to.

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I know I just shared a lot of info with you so you might be wondering what’s the common thread in it all? All of these digital marketing tactics can come together seamlessly when you have a strategically-designed website that supports them. If you are ready for an online presence that works like a well-oiled machine and makes you money on autopilot, I would love to talk about how I can support you in scaling your business to the next level. Reach out for a free strategy call today.

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