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feminine color palette ideas

Be Inspired: 20 Feminine Color Palette Ideas & Examples

Oct 8, 2018

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Color is powerful, especially when it comes to helping your brand stand out. Whether you’re going for a clean and modern look or a feminine shabby chic, I’ve got some great inspirational color palette ideas for you!

It can be hard to know what colors go together when there are so many options. Looking for colors that go with pink? Or maybe colors that go with purple? That’s why I’ve made this easy for you! Just scroll through my color palette ideas below and copy down the hex codes to use them in your designs. Make sure to tag me @thekdesignco if you love these colors and use one of my palettes!

01. Boss Girl Chic

feminine color palette ideas

A sweet collection of warm feminine tones balanced with cool blues.

02. Peachy Keen

feminine color palette ideas

A monotone series of peach-inspired hues.

03. Socialite

feminine color palette ideas

A moody selection of muted purples and grays.

04. Divine

feminine color palette ideas

A balanced color scheme with purple-y feminine appeal.

05. Espresso

feminine color palette ideas

Coffee-inspired range of tans and browns. 

06. Down-to-Earth

feminine color palette ideas

A little bit of earthiness paired with a touch of femininity.

07. Cabernet

feminine color palette ideas

Wine-inspired color paired complemented by neutral tints and shades.

08. Sugar n’ Spice

feminine color palette ideas

A bold pairing of orange and purple tones.

09. Bistro 

feminine color palette ideas

A soft and muted color combination that is subtle and understated.

10. Beach Bum

feminine color palette ideas

Light and bright beachy colors balanced with soft neutrals. 

11. Spring Lilly

feminine color palette ideas

Fresh and vibrant greens paired with understated shades.

12. Fresh Rain

feminine color palette ideas

Green and blue earthy vibes with a modern appeal.

13. Playtime

feminine color palette ideas

Playful and bright colors perfect for a children’s brand.

14. Sport

feminine color palette ideas

Bright blue and baby pink are balanced by bold neutrals.

15. Vivacious

feminine color palette ideas

Attention-grabbing magenta paired with subtle shades and gray. 

16. Neon

feminine color palette ideas - neon

A fun, energetic and vibrant combination of colors.

17. Vintage

feminine color palette ideas - vintage

The perfect mid-century modern color palette.

18. Billie

A fresh and modern color palette perfect for boutique business.

19. Paris

Sophisticated and balanced warm red and pink tones with neutrals.

20. Honeybee

A feminine interpretation on a classic yellow and black color combination.

Need even more feminine color palette inspiration?

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That’s a wrap! Were you inspired by any of these unique color palette ideas? I hope so but if you need extra help putting together the perfect unique color palette for your brand, reach out to me and I’d love to help!

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