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20 Gorgeous & Girly Color Palettes for Your Website

One of the many things I’ve learned being a professional designer for the past 10 years is that you should never underestimate the power of a well-crafted color palette. 

Your color palette doesn’t just impact your logo and your brand though, it can also make or break the user experience on your website. If you are using too many light tones that don’t have enough contrast, you can create readability issues for your visitors. On the flip side, if your colors have too much contrast or variation, visitors might feel distracted or turned off by so many different colors.

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That’s why I believe one of the keys to creating a perfect color palette is making sure you have a good balance and harmony between the colors you choose. This involves pairing a good range of tones, both light and dark, that complement each other and work effectively on their own. This is easier said than done if you aren’t familiar with color psychology but with a little inspiration, I’m confident you can create a color palette for your website that helps your brand and personality shine.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post packed with feminine color palette inspiration, and it ended up being one of my all-time top posts that still drives crazy amounts of traffic to my blog. That’s why I am back with 20 (more) girly color palettes, that I know you’ll love too!

Check out these gorgeous girly color palettes I made just for you.

Love my color palettes? Save your favorite to Pinterest or Instagram. Or learn more about working with me to get your own 100% unique custom branding package to help you elevate your brand and website.

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Kristin Pruis  •  March 7, 2021

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