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Is Hiring a Graphic Designer Worth Your Investment?

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Kristin Pruis



Hiring a graphic designer can be a scary step into the unknown. You may be worried about splurging on the expense or that the designer you hire won’t understand your vision and marketing dollars will be wasted. Whatever the reason, you may be second guessing yourself about hiring a graphic designer. You may be wondering if it is actually worth your investment.

What is a graphic designer worth? Is it an investment? What are you really paying for when you hire a graphic designer?

Consider the money you pay to your designer an investment into your business just as you might for a new sign outside of your store location or a nice pair of shoes to wear to your next business development meeting or fundraiser. A graphic designer improves the value of your business by creating your visual representation in a professional way that is unique to your brand. Legitimate, professional graphic designers are committed to their craft and committed to your business. (Make sure you do your homework to find a graphic designer that fits your business and is someone you can trust. )

What is a graphic designer worth?

What’s even better is you don’t just have to take my word for it to find out! Several of my clients have volunteered to share their personal experiences working with K Design Co. and the value they received from their investment in graphic design services. Here is what some of them said:

Collaborative Effort & Visual Expertise

When you begin a new project with a graphic designer, think of it as a two-way conversation where both designer and client can benefit and add value. After thoughtful consideration and research, a designer can take your ideas and inputs to the next level both visually and professionally.

“I had worked with Kristin before and I knew that her approach was very open to a collaborative discussion about what I was looking to communicate.  She internalizes that discussion and is one of the rare visual experts that looks first to capture the nuance of the communication before the literal deliverables of the project. With her help I’ve been able to carve out my professional brand and keep it consistent.” Joel Capparella,

Dedication & Professional Execution

Finding a graphic designer who is truly committed to your cause and your project is the key to getting the best results. A trusted designer’s passion and work ethic is what drives them to deliver on their promises.

“Kristin met with us many times to discuss the look and feel of the [web] site, intent on maintaining the organization’s mission and image. She helped our non-profit organization design a site that is easy to use and focused on the user experience. We now have a web presence that is colorful and energized.  The site delivers a soft-yet-strong image of the organization, and the work – and Kristin’s work style – have been truly professional.” Annemarie Napoli, Friends of Los Ninos Children’s Charity

Time-Savings & Versatility

It can be exhausting to tackle design on your own when you know it’s not your forte. Why not hand it over to an experienced graphic designer who can free up your time in the process? Designers can help identify potential opportunities to show-off your brand and represent your business in innovative and unique ways both internally and externally.

“Trying to maintain a brand on your own takes a lot of time that has a large cost. Working with Kristin has made our brand easy to maintain. When we have an event or opportunity to showcase our brand, it only takes one call to Kristin. She listens to what audience we will be reaching and is able to quickly create a deliverable that is on target. A graphic designer is key for customer facing needs but can also be instrumental in using a company brand with internal employees. Kristin has developed more than one brand use for events that we have hosted for our employees. Each one has been a great success.” Greta Cline, That’s Good HR

So there you have it. These are just a few examples of the benefits and value that a graphic designer can bring to your business. Is a graphic designer worth your investment? Let me know what you think!

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