How Can a Graphic Designer Help My Business?

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Kristin Pruis



You may find yourself here, reading this article because you’ve asked yourself this very question: How can a graphic designer help my business? You may be asking this because your business is stagnant or you find yourself wondering what you could be doing better. You may be curious about how someone who makes pretty pictures in Photoshop can really affect your bottom line.

The answer to this question is not singular in nature; there are numerous ways a designer can help your business, but a better question may be to ask yourself, “Am I ready to turn my business upside-down?” For a business that is truly struggling in the departments of communication or branding, a graphic designer can make a remarkable difference. Here’s why:

01. Graphic Designers Have Unique Perspective

While many designers may have attended art school, don’t be fooled into thinking that they are only aesthetically driven. A good graphic designer will base their design on strategy, problem solving and communication. Purely from the experience of working with many businesses like yours, most designers have relevant insights and a knowledge-base that well exceed anything they were taught in school.

This type of information and perspective can be incredibly valuable for your business if you simply give a designer the opportunity to share it with you. If you consider a graphic designer simply a means to operate a graphics program or fulfill your “order”, you will surely be missing out on everything they have to offer.

02. Graphic Designers Ask Tough Questions. (And help you answer them!)

Graphic designers are not afraid to ask you the tough questions about your business that make you re-think or critically evaluate your business. Or at least the good ones aren’t. These questions might sound like, “What really makes you different from businesses X, Y or Z?” or “How are your business’ mission and values carried out through your service staff?” or “Is this really the best way to communicate effectively?”

The point of these questions is to get to the heart of what you do, underneath all that fluffy boilerplate language you are used to using. If you’re honest with yourself, you may discover it’s difficult to answer some of these questions, because you’ve never really thought about it or thought it wasn’t that important. You may even be uncomfortable or embarrassed with your answers. Graphic designers can help ease the sting of questions like these by walking you through branding and communication exercises to help you get it right and turn your business around.

03. Your Graphic Designer Is Rooting For You!

Think of your graphic designer as a partner that is rooting and rallying for your business through strategic design choices. While it’s certainly great to be happy with the final design your graphic designer presents you with, it’s even better if it actually works! Good designers will ensure you make it across the finish line. The most fulfilling part of any project is knowing, as a designer, you’ve helped someone’s business succeed and hearing about it.

Did your customers respond well to your new logo? Did more clients attend your event this year? If you build a good relationship and line of communication with your graphic designer, it’s likely they are going to become more invested in you and your business. This will naturally give them more insight into making even better decisions and designs for you in the future, ultimately perpetuating your success and strengthening your business.

Want more reasons why your small business needs a graphic designer? Still need convinced a graphic designer can help your business? Talk to K Design Co. today.

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