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19 Totally Unique Invitation Design Ideas & Inspiration

Apr 2, 2017

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Preparing for an upcoming event and want to make sure you really deliver the WOW when you send out your invitations in the mail? Look no further than the following list for a comprehensive list of invitation design ideas and inspiration! Take a stroll through the gallery and read more below!

  1. Choose a unique or premium paper stock. Ask your printer what paper options they have and ask for samples to make sure you love it before you give the go-ahead for printing. If they don’t have any options you love, try looking at paper from Mohawk or Neenah paper company for premium and colored papers.
  2. Try a letterpress technique. Instead of using standard printing with ink on paper for your invitation design, try letterpress which creates an embossed (or de-bossed) surface that your invitees can touch and experience.
  3. Use a special ink. Create a one-of-a-kind invitation design using special ink like a metallic, neon or pastel.
  4. Add some shine. Using similar techniques to letterpress, a printer can add gold or metallic foil to your design to give it a shimmering appeal.
  5. Choose a special format or shape. Opting for square design is an easy way to create an impression over the standard rectangle. Or you could try packaging your whole invitation in a folder or sleeve to make it more unique.
  6. Try different textures. This can be done easily using different types of paper, but make sure that the textures complement each other and you don’t go overboard.
  7. Experiment with layering. Add a semi-transparent sheet on top of your invite for a neat effect or wrap the entire thing in a belly band made of lace or a glittery or metallic paper stock.
  8. Include a (die)cut out word or shape. Modern printers can now offer digital die-cutting at an affordable price. Go for a simple shape that complements your theme or try something more intricate like a die-cut of the name of the event for even more wow factor.
  9. Add special touches and accessories. Think confetti-filled envelope or twine-wrapped invitation.
  10. Include a small keepsake or token. Think small paper trinket like plantable paper flowers, a save the date magnet or silly wearable button to commemorate and celebrate your upcoming event. Maybe even a temporary tattoo!
  11. Make it 3D! Try a pop up invitation design using folded paper or layer different papers for your design and attach them using 3D pop up glue dots for an elevated look. Or include 3D glasses and print a special message that your invitee can only see when they put them on!
  12. Add some smell-o-vision. If it fits with the theme of your event (say a food truck fest or a garden party) why not include a scratch-and-sniff element or a spritz of fragrance for some added whimsy. (Hint: Just a little will go a long way and avoid offensive or strong smells; you want them to actually come to your event, right?)
  13. Add an interactive element. Include a balloon with a greeting on it to be blown-up. Or maybe try a “lottery-style” scratch-off area to reveal a special message. Add some fun stickers with messages or pictures that can be used on the RSVP card or saved for the event.
  14. Get creative. Request that invitees draw/create a picture on the reply card or write a poem or short story that can be featured at the event.
  15. Add some noise. Design your invitation centered around a CD, record or custom USB drive with a special song on it that relates to your event.
  16. Make a game. Create a game board featuring a countdown until your event, a game-inspired design or come up with simple riddles that your invitee has to solve to determine some of the event details.
  17. Create an art piece. Get creative with the format and make something that your invitees would be proud to hang on their wall or set on their desks even after the event is over. Think, a custom paper sculpture or illustration that embodies the theme of your event.
  18. Find and ask a printer. Do your research to find a good, local printer in your area and don’t be afraid to ask them for ideas on how to take your invitation design to the next level. Most printers will have lost of experience and be able to offer advice and inspiration about what other clients may have done in the past that worked out well.
  19. Hire a graphic designer. If you find a good graphic designer well-versed in print, they should be able to offer a wealth of knowledge and ideas on how to create a unique and beautiful invitation for your event. They can give suggestions on paper, format and style all while taking cues from and incorporating what you like based on the theme of your event.

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