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The Real Cost of a $5 Logo Design

Jul 8, 2014

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If you have been scouring the internet for a cheap solution to designing a logo for your new business, then there is no doubt you have run into websites and ads claiming to design a “professional” logo for you for next to nothing. Thanks to websites like and there is a veritable smorgasbord of options when it comes to getting your hands on a mega-cheap $5 logo design. Think about this for a minute though: if you have worked so hard up to this point to develop your business, your dream, then why would you settle for a logo design that costs less than today’s lunch?

The bad news is that these websites are giving a bad name to what an actual logo design is worth.  They set a precedent that makes business owners believe that a $5 logo design is a realistic amount. The good news is that you have other options that are affordable and will not cause you the headaches that a poorly designed logo will undoubtedly bring in the future. Ready to learn what a cheap logo really costs?

Mixed Messaging

One of the top offenses that cheap and poorly designed logos commit is sending a mixed message. The designer of a $5 dollar logo design can overlook the meaning behind the visual choices they make for your logo. Each component of your logo is important, from the font to the colors, the shapes, and how they are arranged. A genuine, professionally designed logo will take all of these things into consideration and help your business avoid looking like something it is not. People will consume your logo visually before they read what it says. Make sure the imagery used is not sending the wrong message.

Low Readability

The readability of your logo can make or break its success. Making sure the font size is big enough, especially when scaled to smaller sizes, is an important concern, but you must also be aware of the other factors that can affect the readability of your logo. This includes contrast, color, and most importantly, typography. Poorly designed logos often lack sophistication in the choice of font and the way the letters are arranged. This can make it difficult to read. A professional logo designer will spend the time to make sure that your logo sends the right message through an easily consumed vessel.

Lack of Originality & Creativity

Designers who specialize in $5 logo design are not being paid enough to actually develop a unique and original design. They will not conduct the research and development or invest the time into your logo design the way a professional would. The harsh reality is that you get what you pay for. Is your business worth only $5 to you? What you will see from cheap logo design websites are slight reiterations of the same ideas. WordArt for everyone! Abstract swooshy people galore! I know you’ve seen these kinds of designs everywhere!

It’s no surprise that when you add all of these factors together you will see the real cost of a cheap $5 logo design is a brand that comes off cheap to its customers. Don’t cheapen your brand and sell your business short. A cheaply designed logo does more than hurts the image of your brand. It hurts your business and everything you have worked so hard for.

Ready to build your brand on the foundation of a well-designed logo? If you are looking for a unique, and professional logo design solution for your new business, contact K Design Co.

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