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3 Milestones You Must Hit Before Scaling Your Business


Kristin Pruis



Have you been feeling the pains of a growing business lately? If you’re stuck deciding whether it’s time to finally start scaling your business and creating a team, there are 3 important milestones you should hit before you take that next step. Let’s dive in!

Some businesses might be ready to scale and bring on a team after just a few months, where others may take years. Neither is right or wrong. The key is that you look at yourself, your business and its specific needs.

01. Established Processes and Procedures

If you aren’t able to articulate and communicate what needs to happen in your business to someone else, then it’s going to be hard to build up a team to help you. If this is something you’re missing try to identify patterns in your workflow and document your processes as you work through each task. After doing so, you should be able to easily relay instrution to someone else and create a repeatable process for them to follow in their new role.

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02. Consistent Revenue and Clients/Customers

Do the checks and clients keep rolling in? As overwhelming as it can seem, this is a GOOD problem to have. If your day-to-day workflow feels overwhelming, like there are never enough hours or people to do all the work, this is a big clue that your work limit has been reached and one of the smartest ways to remedy this is to spread the work around. When you know you have consistent work and revenue coming in, you can be more confident that you can actually support a team financially.

03. Capacity for Delgating

If you are a perfectionist like me, delegating work to someone else can feel uncomfortable and maybe even scary. You might think that it would actually be easier (or cheaper) if you just managed everything yourself. However, the truth is just the opposite. When you free yourself up to only focus on what you love and delegate other tasks to a trusted person, you save yourself from burnout and can give a deeper attention towards growing your expertise, not to mention you’ll feel relief from managing all the things.

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How about you? Is your business ready to scale into a team of more than 1? Let me know what’s your biggest challenge about growing your business in the comments.

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