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Showit + WordPress: A Match Made in Heaven

Jan 19, 2021

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10-15 years, I bet you’ve at least heard of WordPress. After all, it’s only one of the most popular blogging and website platforms in the world. In fact, many would argue that it’s the best.

And for plenty of reasons…

WordPress is free, it allows you to access and integrate countless free apps into your website and has thousands of themes available.

You can’t say the same for other platforms out there like Squarespace or Wix. That’s why when I first started designing custom websites for my clients, I knew that I wanted to focus on WordPress sites. 

For several years, I loved working in WordPress alone and creating beautiful custom websites, but one thing that became a roadblock for me as a designer was always having to work with a developer to help bring that custom look to life and make it function. You can navigate WordPress on your own if you are using a simple page-builder like Divi or Beaver Builder or a pre-made theme, but if you want to make a truly custom site, then you need to bring a heavy arsenal of HTML, Javascript, and CSS skills to the table.

The problem with custom WordPress websites

Every custom WordPress website project I took on required a huge chunk of my project timeline and my client’s budget to be sunk into development. Projects would take months on end and if there was ever a hiccup with the site, I had to hire a developer again to get my client’s site back up and running. If you’ve ever been the victim of your website going down, you know how quickly the panic sets in and how dire the situation feels. In those times, it seems I could never get in touch with a developer who was available fast enough. Or even if I could, it would come with a hefty investment that I reluctantly had to pass onto my client or had to foot the bill myself.

That’s why I started searching for solutions that could not only help me cut down on the development expense but also help me create websites faster and more easily support clients with their site after their launch. I was exhausted from the panic and just wanted to be able to create drop-dead gorgeous websites for my clients without all the tech troubles and development time.

Enter Showit – a website platform in a league of its own. When Showit first came on my radar, it sounded too good to be true. Could I really create a custom website without hiring a developer? I found tons of gorgeous websites created with Showit (like Jasmine Star’s and Jenna Kutcher’s) and became convinced this was the solution to my problems… but still wasn’t quite ready to make the switch because changing up my process felt scary at the time. 

Showit to the rescue

A few months after hearing about Showit but before trying it out myself, I had a bad experience with a WordPress developer. I hired them to help build out a custom design for my client but the results were disastrous. They tried to fit my unique design into the framework of an existing cookie-cutter WordPress template and it showed in so many horrible ways. There was no way I was going to let my client’s money go down the drain with the only thing to show for it being this bad excuse for a website. I decided to redesign my client’s site from scratch in Showit and I was able to do it within a week even though it had taken the other developer nearly 4 weeks to create their very poor rendition. It was breathtaking and exactly as I had envisioned it to be. My client was elated and after that, I went all-in on Showit, including redesigning my own website in Showit and launching my shop featuring Showit website templates.

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All the perks of WordPress with none of the limitations

Besides having utterly complete control over the layout, one of Showit’s big selling points for me was that it actually integrates with WordPress. That means you don’t have to choose between Showit vs WordPress – you can create a 100% unique design in Showit AND still use WordPress for blogging and connecting apps. And you can do this all yourself in Showit without having to code or hire a developer. As a perfectionist who likes to make everything pixel-perfect, this makes Showit’s platform absolutely irresistible.

Real human chat support for tech emergencies

The final aspect that confirmed Showit was an end-game platform for me is that they have chat, ticket, and emergency support. This means if my client has an urgent issue come up, they can talk with an actual human from Showit support, even if I am not available. This support is rolled into the monthly hosting cost AKA it doesn’t cost any extra! No other WordPress theme I know of offers support like this. If you have a problem or need support for your website (which inevitably you will), you have to pay extra and find a third-party developer or company to do it for you. Or go down a rabbit hole of Stack Exchange threads and Google searches to try to fix the problem yourself.

I’ll save you some research time and tell you that neither Wix nor Squarespace offer chat support with their hosting either.

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This is why I call Showit my secret weapon because it truly is all the things I’ve ever wanted and needed in a website for my own business and as a tool to design website for my clients. Switching to Showit really was a no-brainer and one of the best decisions I have EVER made in my business.

If you’ve been on the fence about switching to Showit, or trying to choose between Showit vs WordPress – there’s good news! You don’t have to leave the comfort or familiarity of WordPress or choose between creativity and ease of use, you can have it all with Showit. Not to mention, there are plenty of Showit templates in my shop you can use to help cut your design and launch time in half.

Want a Showit coupon code to get your first month of Showit hosting for free? Use this special referral link then scroll on down to sign up to get 10% off my Showit template shop too!

What’s stopping you from switching to Showit today?

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