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Why Creating A Simple Website is Never as Easy as it Seems

Feb 16, 2021

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Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I JUST want a simple website.”? It’s something that I hear my clients and followers tell me weekly, so I am betting the thought may have at least crossed your mind.

Usually, the people who come to me with this kind of request are those who have tried to DIY their own website or hired a developer who didn’t follow through on their promises. And now, unfortunately, they are left with a website they hate but they have sunk too much time, money and energy into and they don’t know where to turn. Their website feels like a patchwork quilt of plugins that are conflicting with each other and the site that they so desperately wanted to be simple just feels like a hot mess. 

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If you’ve had a similar experience then you know the idea of creating a “simple” website is seldomly a simple task. Creating a website that does *all the things* is in fact quite the opposite of simple, even for a seasoned website designer like me. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But it does mean that the process is a lot more involved than you might think and it’s hardly ever simple.

The Oxford dictionary has two definitions for the word simple:

  1. easily understood or done;
  2. plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design

So by definition #1, if creating a website at the caliber and taste you desire was truly simple, you could do it yourself easily. If that was the case, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this post. 

From my experience, for most established business owners who need a certain level of finesse and usability integrated into their site, creating a fully functioning website isn’t an easy 1-2-3 step process. It’s complex and involves multiple steps, so in short – not very simple. Even if you’re starting from a website template, there are still several aspects of your site you have to consider that the template can’t handle for you, like writing your website content and setting up your domain, for example.

On the other hand, by definition #2, I also don’t believe any business owner truly wants their site to feel plain or basic. Most business owners want their site to feel like a reflection of their brand and personality. I’m betting you do too!

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So when I hear someone ask for a simple website, I don’t let their choices of words trick me into thinking that there is an easy road ahead, because there rarely ever is. Instead, I listen to what other things they are telling me they want their website to do like…

  • promoting their services and brand so they can make money from their site on autopilot
  • giving their followers a way to sign-up for weekly updates
  • allowing people to interact with your content and opt-in to your freebies
  • integrating seamlessly with their CRM and email marketing systems
  • enabling visitors to purchase their products
  • connecting their course platform or membership site
  • keeping their audience posted on upcoming events
  • and SO many other things!!!

And how I interpret their request to make it “simple” is to create a site that works intuitively and feels “simple” for their visitors to navigate, all while doing a combination of the things we just mentioned. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. Literally, that’s what everyone wants when it comes to their website.

I’d like to illustrate my point a little further with an example I think you can relate to…

If you’re an iPhone user you’re probably a die-hard fan of the Apple brand, but why does Apple have so many loyal customers and followers? Because their products feel “simple”, meaning they are intuitive and can perform almost any function the average phone user could want. But is it actually simple “under the hood”? Not really, not at all.

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Have you also considered why iPhones and Macbooks are some of the most expensive consumer options out there on the market? That’s because Apple spends billions in product research design and development so even though what you experience on the user-side of their products is “simple” everything that it took to get it there is anything but.

The same can be said for “simple” websites. There is a lot of planning and legwork that needs to happen first in order for a website to feel simple to use and easy to navigate the way you intend. And that’s a huge part of the value that I bring to my 1-on-1 website clients and why they pay good money for it. It’s the behind-the-scenes work that isn’t so pretty that helps you create a seamless user experience that drives all the interaction on your site that gets your users to do what they want.

Have you been longing for a site that feels “simple” but also effortlessly captures your brand’s personality and fully embodies all the value you bring to the table with your skills and expertise? I want to invite you to schedule a free strategy call with me to help you map out what that looks like for you!

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