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20 Website Templates That Will Give You All The Feels

Nov 16, 2021

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Have you ever considered that your website is like your digital home on the web? The design of your site can make a big difference in whether your visitors feel unwelcome or warm and fuzzy. You don’t want to leave your visitors out in the cold, do you?

If you are looking for a website template that captures your brand personality and gives your visitors that cozy feeling, here are 20 website templates that will give you AND your clients all the feels. 

If you need a website that feels…Fun and Bubbly, try one of these:

Kerry by K Design Co. (Showit)

The Kerry template recently got a major upgrade and is ready for you to take it up a notch by adding your own brand! The template now comes with 30 custom icons, a WordPress integrated blog, and everything else you need to run your services-based business.

Modern Day Creative by 23 & 9 Creative (Squarespace)

What’s more fun than polka dots? Not much! This template’s fun elements and script font will have any client signing a contract from vibes alone. Perfect for the beauty and wedding industry. 

Freedom Seeker by Bod x Boho (Showit)

Although it is customizable, you will want to follow designer Becca’s lead with this template. The creative text and spirited photo will catch your attention right away. Everything is big and colorful which means your visitors can’t possibly ignore you. 

Victoria by Big Cat Creative (Squarespace)

This template is simply a good time. Designed to showcase your catchy one-liners with a no-nonsense feel that lets people know you can balance fun and business, perfectly.

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If you need a website that feels…Calm and Welcoming, try one of these:

Editorial Avenue by Studio Mommy (WordPress)

For the girl next door type of blogger or business. This template reminds me of the friend you can always rely on for DIY hacks and a killer charcuterie board.

Jenny by K Design Co. (Showit)

Picture yourself as a child, coming into the kitchen for ham and cheese sandwiches after playing out in the yard, trailing grass onto the floor. That is the feeling this template gives off… made for mom bloggers and anyone wanting a website that feels like a big digital hug.  

Cafe Au Lait by Kayla Nicolette (Showit)

There is one word for this template: FLOW. Like any good strategic design, everything is connected and intentional, as it should be, for a seamless website experience.

Juniper by Fleurir Online (Showit)

This website is perfectly polished and ready for you to move in, with over 12 page options to customize for the already-established business.

If you need a website that feels…Lost in a Daydream, try one of these:

Ari Moore by Blush Created (Showit)

These font pairings *chefs kiss* are enough to wake sleeping beauty from her slumber. The nostalgic photos + gold accents balance each other like night and day.

Positano by Davey & Krista (Showit)

The use of white space in this template is simply dreamy. The sections are layered so perfectly and the big featured photo areas help your images stand out.

Wren Ayla by Current Design Studio (Showit)

Specifically created for wellness entrepreneurs, this template has subtle movement and lots of space to breathe.

Harlowe James by Pix and Hue (WordPress)

If a website could make you feel like you are wandering the streets of Paris, this one does it! It’s light, airy, and feminine.

If you need a website that feels…Bold and Empowered, try one of these:

Kimberly by K Design Co. (Showit)

The Kimberly Showit template is beauty + brains, packed with tons of site converting goodies. If you are a coach or consultant that needs a website with a robust sales page, this template was created just for you. 

Maxima by Roselynn Carr (Showit)

Maxima is a Showit template that balances large images, layers and clean lines. This is a perfect website template if you are looking for a trendy aesthetic and extras that will make your website and business stand out.

Mexica by Roselynn Carr Showit Website Template

Adelaide by The Coast Kit (Squarespace)

For those with a message and a big heart. This template stands out with its many ways to display photos and a whimsical feeling you won’t be able to shake.

Becca by K Design Co.  (Showit)

What makes this template special is its specially made for content creators orpodcasts hosts to grow their community, share their words (written and spoken), and make it to #1 on the charts.

If you need a website that feels…Clean and Simple, try one of these:

Serena by The Roar (Showit)

The designers at the Roar worked magic with a simple and modern design. Less is more when your business has so much to offer.

Marley by the Roar (Showit)

With this template, let the words do the talking because you will fall in love with the brush fonts! Imagine picking up your favorite fashion magazine at the salon, and feeling like the coolest chick while doing it.

Clara by Market WP Themes (Squarespace)

Fully customizable, we adore the simplicity, the shapes, and the different sections specifically designed with your business in mind.

Jamie by K Design Co. (Showit)

The Jamie Showit website template is a timeless beauty, designed for the creative at heart. If you are a photographer or creative professional, the Jamie template will help you shine.

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