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How Much Does A Graphic Designer Cost?

Apr 7, 2015

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When looking for a graphic designer it’s one the first thing a business owner want to know: How much does a graphic designer cost? The short and sweet answer : It depends.

Unfortunately, this also happens to be the answer that everyone hates to hear. You want real numbers! Am I right? While I can’t speak for every designer or design agency out there, I can speak for myself. Hopefully this article will clear the air and help you make an informed decision on your quest for the perfect graphic designer that fits into your budget.

This post was last updated 11.27.17.

Before I share some numbers, it is important to understand what goes into the actual price that a graphic designer costs or may charge you. Some designers simply charge the same flat hourly rate for any type of project, also called a blended rate. This is usually based on their experience in the field and the breadth of their skillset.

Other graphic designers, may charge a different hourly rate depending upon the project type or type of work you are asking for. In addition, for some, there are other important factors that come into play when pricing out a job besides an hourly rate. These include things like scope, involvement and scale of the project. These factors can sometimes be difficult to put a monetary value on, but are nonetheless key influencers of how much a graphic designer costs. This approach is called value-based pricing and is becoming more and more popular among experienced designers.

The following is a summary of common projects I work on with a range of prices I have employed or estimated.

Logo Design

Custom Logo Design Cost : $450 – $1200+

Logos are probably one of the most difficult things to price out because of their importance to the business they represent. Sometimes a client may go through several rounds of revisions before arriving at their chosen design. Other clients may require several different logo variations or need special formats for different applications. In addition, once the logo is created, you may require a brand guide document to help you with appropriate logo usage. All these things (and more) affect the pricing of a logo.

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Website Design

Custom Web Design Cost : $1,800 – $10,000+

There is a huge range for the price of web design because website needs can vary widely from the number of pages required to the types and complexity of the design. Also, not included in this price range is the actual development cost for the website. Web design and web development are two very separate stages of the creative process. The cost of development can vary just as much as the design, depending upon the developer, required functionality and scope of the website. Again, the price is completely relative to what your specific needs and goals for your website are.

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Business Cards

Custom Business Card Design Cost : $200 – $500+

Business cards are typically a much simpler type of project and usually have a smaller price range. In addition to the design of the cards, you will also need to consider the cost for printing. Depending upon the design and if you are wanting to utilize any specialty printing techniques, the cost of printing will vary. If you are paying a professional to design your cards, I always recommend to also have your designer source a printing vendor for you. They can help you get the best quality for the best price and also think of creative printing techniques that will help your cards stand out even more!

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Event Posters / Signage / Flyers

Custom Poster Design Cost : $250 – $750+

Promotional signage such as posters, flyers, banners and table tents can create a huge impact but also requires a creative eye to fill the space in a way that is attention-grabbing and includes all the important details. The cost will largely depend upon the creative concept of the design and the amount of technical detailed work that will go into your flyer, poster or sign.

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Brochures & Direct Mail

Custom Brochure Design : $375 – $1000+

Print is so not dead, but creating a brochure or direct mail piece that delivers real results can be tricky. Enlisting an experienced graphic designer may help you realize more return on your investment by transforming your simple creative thought into a fruitful print campaign. The format, objective and how many pages will largely influence the cost.

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Custom Presentation & Presentation Templates

Custom Presentation Design : $500 – $2500+

A well-designed sales pitch deck that complements your brand can be just what you need to help seal the deal with your next potential client or land an investor. The price will vary depending on how many slides you’ll need, if graphics need to be developed and if you’ll want any special animations.

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I must reiterate, the prices listed above are only ranges of estimates and may only be applicable for K Design Co. Of course there are designers out there with much higher and much lower rates. I set my rates and target them towards small businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing and excited to invest in their business through design. If you are more interested in getting a bargain or finding a deal than investing in your business, then you may want to seek out a different solution.

If you still have a question about pricing or how much a graphic designer costs, K Design Co. would love to answer your questions! Even if you don’t think something can fit into your budget, there may be a way we can tailor a solution and a price for you. Talk to K Design Co.

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