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3 Reasons You Should Use Your Own Website as a Linktree Alternative

Oct 5, 2021

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We have so much to offer within our businesses these days, it might seem impossible to choose just one link to showcase on your social media profiles. The good news is, you don’t have to! With the invention of link-sharing apps such as Linktree or milkshake you can easily make a page that can house all of your amazing offers in one place and do most of the work for you.

While these are generally fine to use, they do have their limitations. That’s why making your own branded links page on your website is a great Linktree alternative. Here are just a few reasons why I love creating branded links pages for my website clients and why you should consider using one too. 

01. Everything is On-brand

By creating your own version of a social links page on your website, you can use your branding. Most likely your brand visuals will already be loaded into your website so creating a branded links page should be a breeze. On the flip side, all of your custom fonts, colors, and other brand assets may not be available in a Linktree app which means your brand personality doesn’t have a chance to shine through. 

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02. More Creative Freedom 

The Linktree and other similar-style apps only give you so much creative freedom, especially with the free versions. There are only so many templates and elements you can choose from and only so many ways you can customize them. By creating your own links page on your site, you have all the creative freedom you could want using your own website platform.

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03. Unique & Professional Look

The number one reason to consider a Linktree alternative is so you don’t look like everyone else! There’s nothing wrong with deciding to use a Linktree app, but to create an elevated and professional brand, you need to stand out from the crowd. By creating your own version of a social links page on your website, there is no third party, and everything starts and ends with you. It’s also a fabulous way to drive traffic to your website. 


Did you know every additional page on your website is another opportunity for someone to find you through Google search? Think of each of your site pages like a ticket to the lottery that gives you the chance to win (or be found). By using your own website for your social media links page, you give your SEO a boost and create more internal site links that Google loves to see!

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Not sure where to start with creating your own links page? We got you covered, check out these tutorials for how to create your own page of links using different website platforms. 

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