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What the Heck Does a Brand Designer Actually Do?

Dec 11, 2018

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Some people like to call me a graphic designer. Others might call me an artist. Most recently I’ve given myself the title of a brand designer or brand strategist. I like this wording better because I feel it is a more accurate description of what I do. So what is that exactly?

01. Business Discovery

I get to know you and your business. For both of our sake’s, I won’t work with you until I have a conversation first to determine it is a good fit. I like to ask you questions about your business regarding your services or products, but I also like to know some of the bigger picture details too. Like, what is your why? Where do you see your business in the next 5 years? What about your business makes you passionate? Opening up about your business might seem scary at first to some but when you share those things, it’s like a goldmine of value we can use to inspire your brand!

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02. Audience & Industry Research

I also do a lot of research. I like to learn about your target audience and what makes them tick. Then, I dig into your industry to see what others are doing. I look for trends and also opportunities for us to help your brand stand out. If you have any current marketing or brand materials I like to review those as well to see what you’ve done in the past so I can analyze how we might be able to improve on it.

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03. Brand Messaging

From our discussion and my research, I’ll begin formulating some key messaging that we can use as a springboard for your brand. These are the core of what your brand stands for and will be woven into everything that we do from here on out. This includes things like your mission statement, your brand values, and your unique selling point.

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04. Brand Inspiration

Next, I go searching for visual inspiration to create your brand mood board. This is an inspirational collage that sets the tone for how your brand is going to look and is a collaborative exercise that allows you to join in on the fun! Once we’ve captured the right look we’re ready to move onto creating your other brand assets.

05. Brand Design

A logo is what most people think of when you talk about branding. But there is so much more to the visual side of your brand. We’ll talk about what elements are important to you and create a cohesive visual brand story that aligns with your messaging. This might include a logo design, color palette, fonts, stationery, pattern design, and packaging. Once all the pieces in place, you’ll have a beautiful brand both inside and out.

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06. Marketing Support

If you’re working with a pro brand designer (like me ????) they might also give you some bonus goodies that can help support your marketing efforts. Something I provide all of my branding clients is a brand guidelines document. This is an incredible resource that gives you the tools you need to move forward with your brand on your own and to execute your brand consistently in your marketing communications. I also like to create social media graphics and templates for my clients that helps them create promotional materials on their own.

Have you ever worked with a brand designer? What was your experience like? I would love to hear it or answer any questions you have about working with a brand designer. Reach out to me or write to me in the comments!

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