21 Beautiful Pastel Color Palette Examples with Color Codes


Rachael Berthiaume



There are an unlimited number of ways to mix and match colors for your brand. You can choose dark and moody, or light and airy, or anywhere in between. But if you want to go for a soft and whimsical vibe, you should consider a pastel color palette.

What are pastel colors?

They are exactly what you think… A pastel color is a low-saturated, lighter version of another color. If you’re mixing paint, you can create a pastel version of any color simply by adding white to the original color. So, the more white you add, the more ‘pastel’ the color will become.

For example, think of pink just like a pastel version of red. And if you add white to pink, you’ll get an even lighter pink, or pastel pink.

On the web, where we use a light-based color system (R-Red, G-Green, B-Blue) instead of actual paint, the closer your color values are to 255 (the max value of light possible), the lighter and more pastel it will appear. And did you know that pastel colors can be referred to as ‘tints’?

The color combinations you can make with pastel colors are endless, but here are 21 of our favorite pastel palettes organized by color.

Rainbow Pastel Color Palettes

Because sometimes you just can’t decide and want ALL the colors!

rainbow pastel color palette
soft rainbow pastel color palette
pastel color codes inspired by the 90's with teal, purple and orange
rainbow pastel color palette with purple pink, teal and bright yellow

Need to brush up on your color terms? Start here and learn more about color theory!

Pastel Pink Color Palettes

Because who can resist a color palette with pretty shades of pink?

pastel shades of pink and neutral color palette
pastel pink color palette inspired by ballerina pink
pastel shades of pink and purple, inspired by the brand Barbie
patriotic inspired pastel shades of pink and blue

Can’t get enough of these pink palettes? Check these Girly color palettes out too!

Pastel Orange Color Palettes

Orange might seem like a unique color to include in your color palette, but it is coming back in style. Here are a few ideas on how to make it look good.

pastel color palette with pinks, corals and oranges
pastel yellow color palette inspired by a rubber duck
pastel orange color palette
orange, yellow and pink pastel color codes

Want a completely unique color palette that no one else will have? Check out these tips!

Pastel Green Color Palettes

A soft pastel green color can bring to mind images of spring. Here are a few of our favorite pastel green color combos.

pastel color codes
pastel purple and green color palette
pastel purple and green color palette
pastel green color palette with spring greens and soft yellows

Pastel Blue Color Palettes

Pastel blue is a versatile color and can take on a variety personalities, such a fresh, youthful or muted. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

pink, purple and pastel blue color palette
tropical inspired pastel blue color palette
neutral pastel color palette with a mix of soft grays and beiges
ocean-blue inspired pastel color palette
beachy pastel blue color palette

What did you think of our pastel color combinations? Even though a beautiful pastel color palette isn’t hard to make, choosing the colors for your brand might seem overwhelming. If you feel stuck choosing the perfect color palette for your brand – We got you! Reach out to K Design Co. for a custom brand design.

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